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5 Tips to Prepare Your Brain for School

By Christian Roemer

Fall is just around the corner which means one thing: Wal Mart probably has Christmas supplies in their stores already.

Just kidding! Fall means that it’s time for school to start back for the kiddos and young adults. Leaving a life of summer freedom for the rigors of study is never a transition that anyone wants to make. Sleeping in every day, not doing homework, and playing video games to your heart’s content are just a few of the reasons that summer vacation is basically the best thing ever.

But all good things must come to an end. Going straight from your bad summer habits to school can be a shock to the system--like jumping into a shower that hasn’t warmed up yet. Just like you let the water run for a couple of seconds to get the temperature up, it’s also a great idea to prepare yourself for the school year before you throw yourself back into the grind.

Here are 5 tips that will help make the transition from summer to school a little bit easier.

Start waking up earlier now

Probably the worst part about school is having to wake up early. In the summer, you can sleep to your heart’s content, but during the school year, it’s up and Adam. Start setting your alarm a couple of weeks before school starts back. The best thing is to ease back into it, so if you need to wake up at 6:30 during the school week, start by waking up at 9:00. Then move it back to 8:30. Then back to 8:00 until you’re at your normal school hours.

Get on a schedule

Getting your body used to waking up early is part 1 of a larger goal: get on a schedule. Your body was made to adapt to its environment, and it really likes predictability. That’s basically your circadian rhythm’s job. If you’re kind to your body, it’ll be kind to you.

Start getting organized

I’m not a micromanager, so I won’t tell you the best way to get organized for the school year. After all, what works well for me might not work for you. The important thing is that you get your Ps and Qs in order. Make sure your notebooks have paper and are sectioned off like they need to be. Get your pens in their boxes and your folders color coded. If you get ahead of the curve, you’ll knock school out of the park when class time comes.

Get your wardrobe on fleek

I’m sorry that I just wrote that. People my age should never say fleek, but here we are anyway. Get your outfits lined up and ready for school. Make sure they’re within the dress code, and that they look rad. Athletes say, “Look good, play good,” but I say, “Look good, feel good so that you can adequately navigate the rigors of social interaction with fellow classmates as well as excel academically.” Nailed it.

Give your summer work some cushion

Let me tell you a tale about a high school student with terrible preparation habits. His name was Christian, and he always waited until the last minute to start his big summer assignments. He would usually wait until about three days before the first day of class and try to finish everything in a fury of Surge cola and Pixie Sticks. Don’t be like Christian. Get your assignments done ahead of time so that you can enjoy the last few days of freedom that you have before school starts back.

So there you have it! If you follow my advice, you’ll be well adjusted and ready to crush your classes when they’re ready to start back. You’ll scoff at your tired, maladjusted classmates with their baggy eyes and poorly coordinated outfits. You’ll rule the beginning of school and impress all of your teachers. It will be glorious!

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