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5 Ways to Save Your Memories

By Elaine Elliott

You and your loved ones probably have picture frames all over the house. But what are some other creative ways to preserve your favorite memories? Think outside the box with these fun and quirky ideas to save your memories in adorable keepsakes for friends and family.

They’ll love the extra effort put into these mementos.

Remember to digitize your old family photos or trendy polaroid shots before getting crafty with these presents! Once you digitize your photos with Legacybox, you’ll be able to save your precious memories forever and make more keepsakes in the future.

Digital Photo Frame

It can be so hard to choose the perfect photo for your picture frame. But why choose only one when you can have dozens and dozens of photos inside a picture frame? A digital photo frame makes it easy to upload multiple photos onto the frame from your computer. You can always edit or add more photos and they will pop up on the frame seconds later. There are a bunch of different digital photo frames available online, so be sure to do your research and choose the best one to suit your preferences.


Scrapbooks may seem old school, but they’ve modernized quite a bit over the years. You can go the traditional route by making a custom print scrapbook full of fun stickers, photos, and memorabilia. Or do something different by making a digital scrapbook. Digital scrapbooks still have all the fun features but the images and artwork are on a shareable online template you can email to family and friends. Best of all, your loved ones can download the scrapbook at any time to save in their personal files.

Companies like Shutterfly and Snapfish will also make custom photo books for you with their online tools. This way you can still share tangible photo books with your family without putting in hours of work to make the scrapbook yourself.

Customized Paper Gifts

Customizing paper products such as calendars, notepads, and puzzles are another option for sharing memories on everyday items. A lot of websites make it easy to upload a photo onto any of these items. You can even add personalized messages to give your calendars or notepads an extra special touch.

Photo Apparel

Did you know apparel companies and Etsy artists will print the face of your favorite human or pet onto socks and t-shirts? This is a great stocking stuffer or funny present to give your loved ones a good laugh. Photo apparel is most popular for showing off your furry friend, but you can also pick funny faces from family members too. If you have a family reunion coming up, this is the perfect gift for the whole clan.

Photo Wall

Over the years you’ll slowly start to stock up on different picture frames of different memories. Instead of cluttering your coffee tables and desks with all the frames, consider making a photo wall. A photo wall is a designated wall for all your photos. A photo wall could be in a stairwell, hallway, bathroom, or living room. Wherever it may be, it’s a nice way to organize all your favorite picture frames in one place. Before you know it, it’ll be the popular spot for friends and family to congregate during visits as they reminisce on all the fun moments shared throughout the years. Make sure to pick a wall with ample space so your photo memories can keep growing and growing.

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