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90s Rerun

By Elaine Elliott

Have you noticed how the 90s are making a comeback?

Between your favorite TV shows and the quintessential pizza party, popular 90s trends are seeing the spotlight again after twenty years.
Embrace the reminiscing with these classic rerun styles and ideas.


90s TV Shows 

Netflix has been incorporating the 90s era with dozens of shows from your favorite decade of television. Star Trek: Voyager, Power Rangers, That 70s Show, and Magic School Bus are all available on the streaming channel. Some producers have even gone above and beyond by rebooting these originals. For example, The Magic School Bus Rides Again is a continuation of the Magic School Bus book series. And Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie from 2017 revisits the mystery of what happened to Arnold’s parents with all your beloved characters like Arnold, Gerald, and Helga.


90s Fashion Trends

Girls are wearing scrunchies and boys are seen in Adidas slide sandals. Kids in 2020 weren’t even around in the 90s yet they’re rocking these classic styles! Fashion trends always come back around, but it looks like many of the 90s trends might be here to stay. Other popular styles back on the clothing racks include choker necklaces, spaghetti strap tank tops, fanny packs, and baggy pants.


Polaroid Photos 

The Polaroid Corporation was around for decades, but revenue peaked in 1991 with $3 billion in sales. After the 90s, Polaroid saw a decrease in popularity when digital cameras became all the rage. But in 2016, Fujifilm sold 6.6 million Polaroid cameras. People are enjoying the vintage aesthetic because it’s something different from the typical smartphone photo. The instant tangibility of the photo also makes it fun to collect rare moments that can’t be instantly shared on social media.


Do you have old Polaroids hidden somewhere in your home? Revive your memories by digitizing photos and sharing with friends and family. Whether you took the Polaroid pictures in 1990 or 2019, we can digitize your photos and safeguard them on a flash drive.


90s Themed Parties 

90s themed parties are all the rage among birthday parties, greek fraternity gatherings, and more. Ever since classrooms started having pizza parties in the 90s, the trend has never lost its charm! Party City even sells “90s theme party” decorations such as cups, napkins, and straws designed with quirky graphic art. Want to throw the ultimate 90s party? Consider adding cootie catcher crafting, a Polaroid photo booth, hilarious games like Twister or Mario Cart, 90s themed costume contest, and tasty snacks like Hot Pockets and Dunkaroos to your list of activities and must-haves for the best party of the year.

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