Best Stuff to Buy for Father's Day

Best Stuff to Buy for Father's Day

Father’s Day is coming up soon (June 17th), so it’s about time to start thinking about what you’ll buy him to show him that you care. That's why we've created a great Father's Day gift guide to help with your shopping. 

Father's day is a day to reflect on how great your dad is, recall the good ol' days, talk about wonderful memories and to tell your dad, "You're the man!" We want to make Father's Day shopping e-a-s-y...Your pops will feel extra special and loved with these items:

Beer (Or wine)

Dads generally like to imbibe a little bit of the bubbly stuff. Get dad a 12 pack or growler of his favorite brew and watch his life light up. If your pops is a little bit on the classier side, you can substitute beer for wine.


A Day of Quiet

The best thing about this gift is that it doesn’t cost a dime. Give your dad a day of space, and he’ll turn into a whole new man. Every dude needs to recharge the batteries occasionally. Why not let him do it on Father’s Day?


Real Tools

Lots of dads like to tinker with stuff. Whether it’s a beat up car or he’s an industrial sculpuralist, tools speak to dads’ needs to create and improve. Look below for what types of tools to avoid.


Hobby Stuff

Most dads have a thing. Some dads like golf, and others like to hike. You know your dad best, so you’re perfectly set up to get him something that supports his hobby. He’ll also appreciate that you’re paying attention.


Nice Headphones

Sometimes there’s nothing better than putting on a nice pair of headphones and getting lost in the music. A good pair can create a temporary bubble of peace that dad will love.


Digitize Home Movies

Who doesn't love looking back on the good ol' days? Digitize your old photos, slides, film reels and VHS tapes so your dad can see his crazy hair from the 1980's, his base ball game in college and his wicked sunburn from Destin 1995. 


Grilling Gear

    Let's face's love grilled foods. Whether that's grilled salmon, seasoned veggie, flat bread or a fat steak. You just can't go wrong with grilled foods! So, treat your dad to a basket of the best BBQ / grilling gear one needs to make delicious meals. A couple different seasonings, new tongs, an apron, and some nice meats will do just fine. 


    So there you have it! 5 awesome gift ideas for dad. There’s a general theme to most of these gifts: buy him something that means something! Show him you care. That’s what Father’s Day is really all about.

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