Create Your Very Own Baby Mobile with these Quick and Easy Steps

Create Your Very Own Baby Mobile with these Quick and Easy Steps

Congratulations! Either you or someone you know has welcomed a new member to their family! This little bundle of joy will bring so many smiles, an abundance of laughter and pure/endless happiness. Not to mention, an adorable addiction to purchasing every article of baby clothing/shoes because they are too small and too cute not to.

With adorable outfits comes adorable nursery rooms. Everyone on Pinterest, at some point in time, has come across these epically hip and stylish ways to decorate your baby’s room. But what’s the one piece that will bring it all together? A mobile!

Here are some great DIY baby mobile ideas that are easy and fun to make. Plus, your child can pass this sweet craft down to their future kiddos!


 1. Felted Ball Mobile

Felt ball baby mobile

    Super cute, super fun…Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Felted balls (in various or same sizes)
    • Embroidery Floss (enough for felt balls and for hanging your support)
    • An Embroidery Hoop, tree branch or any support you’d prefer
    • A needle
    • Scissors

    Once you have gathered all of your material, it’s time to start creating!

    1. Decide how many rows of decoration you would like on your hoop and gather your floss.
    2. Take a thread of your floss and tie a knot around your support. Take the excess floss and attach it to your needle.
    3. Gather all of your felt balls and begin selecting what order you would like them to be placed.
    4. Thread the needle through the middle of a felt ball and continue with the rest of the felt balls.
    5. You can adjust the distance between each felt ball or tie a small knot after each one to avoid movement.
    6. Once finished with each row of your felt balls, it’s time to hang it up! Tie a knot around your support with your extra floss and hang away! Use a small nail or a command hook/strip.


     2. Ribbon Mobile

    Ribbon baby mobile

    If you’re into a bohemian theme…Here’s what you’ll need:

    • An Embroidery Hoop, tree branch or any support you’d prefer
    • Various ribbons and lace. Matching or different colors.
    • Embroidery Floss or thicker twine for hanging
    • Scissors

     Now, to put it all together:

    1. Select your ribbon and begin cutting either all equal strips or various length strips
    2. Take your hoop (or support) and loop your ribbon around, securely tying it on the base – letting the ends of the ribbon dangle down
    3. Repeat process until your mobile is completely full (or until desired fullness)
    4. Attach twine or floss around hoop to secure onto ceiling with nail or command hook/strip

      3. Family Pictures

    Family photo baby mobile

    Looking for a mobile that holds memories? This is the one for you! Here’s what you’ll need:

    • An Embroidery Hoop, tree branch or any support you’d prefer
    • Hot glue gun
    • Embroidery Floss for pictures/hanging
    • Print out images/photos
    • Scissors
    • Command hook & strip or small nail and hammer

     Time to put this memory mobile together:

    1. Gather all of your images (family members, family pet, babies first picture, images of nature, etc.)
    2. Plug in hot glue gun and select one thread of floss for each picture.
    3. Glue down a little dot on the back of your image and carefully place the end of the floss in flue. Let dry.
    4. Repeat.
    5. Take all of your hanging images and tie a small knot around your support with the free end of the floss.
    6. Take your extra floss for hanging and, with multiple strands, tie a not around support. Place in ceiling with small nail or hook.


     4. Floral Mobile

    Floral baby mobile

    Here’s for those nature, floral baby girls! This is what you’ll need:

    • Fake flowers
    • Hot glue gun
    • Beading cord or Fishing line (clear)
    • Twine or floss
    • An Embroidery Hoop, tree branch or any support you’d prefer
    • Scissors
    • Command hook & strip or small nail and hammer


    Now let’s get started!

    1. Take your fake flowers and trim off the stem and excess leaves until you have just the head of the flower.
    2. Take your fishing line or beading cord and begin cutting different length of line.
    3. Tie a small knot around support and let your line dangle down.
    4. Plug in hot glue gun and begin gluing your flowers to your support.
    5. Once full, take extra flowers and glue them individually at the end of line (this will make it look like floating flower!)
    6. Tie your twine or floss around your support and get ready to hang!

       5. Woodland Felt Mobile

      Now for those strong, woodland boys! Feel free to create whatever woodland animals and nature you prefer. With this example, we will be making small black bears, mountains, clouds, pine trees and the moon or sun!

       Here’s what you’ll need:

      • An Embroidery Hoop, tree branch or any support you’d prefer
      • Glue gun
      • Scissors
      • Black, brown, navy blue, white, green and yellow felt (depends on what you’re creating.)
      • Fishing line or beading cord
      • Floss or twine for hanging
      • Paper and pencil
      • Command strip & hook for hanging and/or nail and hammer

      Time to get crafty!

      1. Draw a template for a bear outline. A separate template for a bear mouth and tummy.
      2. Next, draw a template for a pine tree, tree trunk, cloud, mountain, mountain snow (matches the small tip of the mountain) and either a sun or moon.
      3. Cut out these templates to trace on felt.
      4. For the bear, you’ll trace and cut out the black felt for the body and brown felt for the mouth and tummy.
      5. Pine tree felt will be green and brown felt for the trunk.
      6. Navy blue felt for the mountain and white for the tip of the mountain
      7. White for the clouds and yellow for a sun or moon.
      8. Once all are cut, hot glue the correct pieces together (black bear items, tree items, mountain items)
      9. Once all are complete, cut out lengths of your fishing wire or beading cord.
      10. Hot glue a small dot to the back of each felt item and place the end of your fishing wire to the glue. Tie the other end of wire around your support.
      11. Next, tie floss or twine around support in order to hang mobile. Use either a command strip and hook or a small nail and hammer to securely place on the ceiling. Voila!


      Your sweet little bambino will now have the sweetest dreams while looking up into his/her very own mobile. Enjoy! 

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