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DIY: Decorations for the 4th of July

By Katy Sommerfeld

The summer solstice has passed and summer is in full swing. From here until September, we’ll all be going to barbecues and pool parties, hanging out on the lake or relaxing on the beachfront. For many of us, it’s the best time of the year, and we’re ready to live it up!

Summertime events with friends and family can create some sweet memories, and there’s no better way to bring loved ones together than a party. With the Fourth of July coming up, it’s the perfect time to host an amazing bash to celebrate life and loved ones, and to just let loose!

If you’re hosting a July 4th party this year, it’s time to start prepping!


We’ve compiled some of the best-looking party decoration tutorials so that you can have the most decked out Independence Day celebration on the block.


Scrap Fabric American Flag Backdrop

For this DIY, you will need:

  • Long strips of red and white fabric of your choosing. Flowy, lacy strips paired with heavier fabric strips make a beautiful backdrop!
  • One rectangle of denim fabric
  • White fabric paint
  • Star-shaped stamp
  • Twine and scissors

Step One

Cut a long piece of twine. This is what you will hang the strips of fabric on to create the backdrop.

Step Two

Using the star-shaped stamp and white fabric paint, stamp white stars in whatever pattern you choose on the denim rectangle. This will become the star section of your American flag! Let the paint completely dry before handling.

Step Three

Tie the strips of red and white fabric along the twine in an alternating pattern to create the striped section of your flag. 

Step Four

Cut two small holes on one side of your denim rectangle in the corners. Thread two small strings of twine separately through each hole, then tie those pieces of twine to the long string of twine holding the strips of red and white fabric. This will keep your denim star-section attached to the backdrop. 

Step Five

Hang your backdrop anywhere you like, and asks your party guests to pose in front of it for photos!


Red, White, and Blue Food Coloring Floral Centerpiece

For this simple DIY, you’ll need:

  • Three identical clear glass vases
  • Red and blue food coloring
  • Three small bouquets of daisies or another white flower of your choosing

Step One

Fill each vase with the same amount of water. 

Step Two

In one vase, add a few drops of blue food coloring until it makes the water a hue you like. Add red food coloring to another vase. Leave the third vase alone.

Step Three

Add the daisy bouquets, and you have a simply beautiful centerpiece!

Firework Lollipop Centerpiece

This DIY will be a major hit with the kids! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Small metal bucket (you can usually find these at garden centers)
  • Styrofoam ball that fits inside your bucket and reaches the rim. You may need to shave off the sides of the styrofoam ball if you can’t find a perfect fit.
  • Red and blue blow-pop lollipops

Step One

Place the styrofoam ball inside your metal bucket. You can shave off the sides of your ball if it doesn’t quite fit into the bucket. 

Step Two

Stick the lollipop sticks into the styrofoam, arranging them in a pattern you like. 

Minimalist Flag Placemat

This placemat is minimalistic and so chic. It will really impress your guests to hear that they are homemade! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 15- by 11-inch rectangles of red ticking stripe fabric based on the number of places at your table
  • 6- by 5-inch rectangles from denim fabric based on the number of places at your table
  • Disappearing pen (you can get these at most craft stores and online)
  • Thin white yarn 
  • Yarn needle

Step One

Trace a star shape on each of the denim rectangles with the disappearing pen. 


Step Two

Thread the white yarn along the outline of the star you drew using the yarn needle.

Step Three

Sew or iron on the denim rectangles onto the ticking stripe fabric rectangles.

And that’s all there is to it! 

These DIYs will leave your guests impressed and will really bring out the holiday spirit at your Fourth of July party. Make sure you take lots of pictures of your homemade decorations!

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