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DIY: Fall Leaf Art

By Elaine Elliott

Happy fall, y’all! Is your home ready for the change of season? It’s easy to place pumpkins on the front porch or cobwebs in the trees, but if you want to take your home décor to the next level, have fun with these craft ideas.


Below we’ve listed our favorite “grownup” versions of DIY fall leaf embellishments. They’ll leave your home looking as chic and autumn-esque as ever.


Leaf Stamped Napkins

 Bring the outdoors inside your bathroom and kitchen with a minimalistic fall design ideal for napkins, hand towels, and table runners. Best of all, it’s so simple!



-       Gather a few small leaves of various shapes from the yard (leaf color does not matter).

-       Flip the leaf to the veiny, non-glossy side and brush craft paint on the entire side (a metallic brown or dark burgundy will look elegant).

-       Place the painted side on the napkin, and then cover with a paper towel.

-       Press a rolling pin over the paper towel where the leaf is to make sure it is fully stamped onto the napkin without smearing any of the paint.

-       You’re finished! We suggest testing your stamp technique on an old cloth first.


Leaf Cake Topper

 If you’re like us, you probably watch cake and cooking videos on social media all the time. Put those inspirations into play by baking some fall goodies and adding these decorative leaf toppers as the final touch to your homemade treats.



-       Collect some twigs from outside and rub them clean.

-       Cut out different leaf shapes from colorful cardstock paper.

-       Paint the shapes if desired, and gently crinkle to give the leaves texture.

-       Glue gun the leaves onto the twigs and sit to dry.

-       Now place on top of a cake or baked good!


Leaf Placemats

 Remember when you found leaves on the ground, brought them home, and pressed them between contact paper to make leaf placemats as a kid? Think of this as the adult version to one of your favorite fall memories.



-       Make a square of plastic wrap big enough to create the placemat on top of the square (12-14 inches)

-       Spread Mod Podge over the plastic wrap in the shape of a circle using a sponge brush

-       Spread colorful artificial leaves onto the Mod Podge. Layer each leaf and use extra Mod Podge if needed. Most of the leaves will curl until the Mod Podge fully dries.

-       Once all the leaves are placed, add another layer of plastic wrap to the top and flatten the entire project with a large book for two hours.

-       After removing the book and second plastic wrap layer, let the rest of the Mod Podge completely dry.

-       Once fully dry, remove the bottom layer of plastic wrap.


Leaf Bowl

 If you have leftover artificial leaves from the placemat project, then make a lovely coffee table bowl! This bowl can hold candy for trick-or-treaters, or other fixings for fall parties.



-       Blow up a balloon to the size you want the bowl.

-       Set the balloon into a larger bowl or pot for stabilization while you work.

-       Cover the bowl in Mod Podge and place the artificial leaves over the glue (some of the edges will curl, add extra Mod Podge if necessary)

-       After the leaves fully dry, pop the balloon.


These creations will prompt the perfect photo shoot with friends and family. It’s also a fun time to rummage through old photo collections to see what decorations used to deck the halls of your home in the fall. You can always digitize old photos and film with Legacybox to safely document these memories and make more crafts with the extra copies!

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