Drink Wine for Better Memory!

Drink Wine for Better Memory!

Life is full of paradoxes. For example, a common phrase is that you have to have money to make money. Well, that’s great for the rich folks, but what about the rest of us? Seems backwards.

Well, one of those paradoxes is actually awesome, and I’m engaging with its benefits as I type this. It turns out that regular wine consumption is good for your memory! For those of us that have been to college, we know first hand the devastating effects that too much alcohol has on our ability to recall last night’s occurrences, but it turns out that drinking wine in moderation actually helps support your mental acuity. No, this glass doesn’t count.

Sounds Good, but Where’s the Science?

Funny enough, we actually have scientific evidence to back up our claims that alcohol isn’t just an objectively terrible mental impairing substance.

Scientists have conducted a boat load of experiments over the years regarding moderate alcohol consumption. Before you get too excited, the typical recommended serving is around 1-2 glasses of wine per day. That means around 4-8 ounces or so, depending on your height and weight.

Along with lower inflammation, lower risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke, and helping sleep, there’s legitimate evidence that a little bit of wine helps you remember stuff better.

So what’s actually going on?

Scientists think they’ve tracked down what it is in wine that’s good for the brain, and they believe that it’s a little substance called resveratrol. This handy little nutrient that naturally occurs in the skin of grapes goes directly to the hippocampus--the place in the brain that helps with memory storage and formation. It directs blood directly to the source of your memories.

Scientists found that, in mice, resveratrol helped increase blood flow, brain growth, and memory creation. According to the studies, the mice that received resveratrol also had more neurogenesis (brain growth). That’s serious mental power.

If you really want to jumpstart your memory and get the most benefits that you can from adding wine to your diet, drink about 4 ounces a day. That small amount is sufficient for helping get the good stuff out of the wine without the bad. After all, alcohol is a known carcinogen and generally bad substance if you can’t control yourself.

For best results, red wine is the highest in resveratrol, and this writer recommends a nice cabernet sauvignon.

Drink on, friends…responsibly, of course.

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