Great Getaways for Father’s Day

Great Getaways for Father’s Day
While a “World’s Greatest Dad” coffee mug is nice and all, this Father’s Day maybe it’s time you dream up something a little bigger than neckties and dress socks.


How about a cool getaway to celebrate Dad’s day?


Whether that means something adventurous, relaxing or meaningful is up to you. After all, you know your dad better than most people. But in case you need a little help picking the perfect spot, we’ve got you covered.


Here are 5 awesome dad-themed trips for you and your pops.


Scotland Golf Trip to St. Andrews

Look, there’s no denying that dad and golf are synonymous with each other. That’s not to say all dads play golf, but what’s a man not to love – being outside, friendly competition, and a game that can be played drinking … the list goes on. So this Father’s Day, why not take dear ol’ dad back to the homeland of golf. Then after you’re reveling in the breathtakingly beautiful rolling hillsides of Scotland, swing over to the pub to throw back a pint … or a few.


Set Sail for the Open Sea

Just like golf, dad and boat shoes go together perfectly. So maybe it’s time you actually put those topsiders to the test with an epic sailing adventure? Whether your dad knows the first thing about sailing or not (it’s probably the latter but you know dads “know all,” right?), embarking on the open sea is a great way to get some quality one-on-one time with pa. It doesn’t hurt having that beautiful blue scenery all around either. Sail local or up your boat game with a ship trip to Zanzibar, British Virgin Islands or New Zealand.


All things Rocky Mountain’ing

Ah, the great outdoors in the Rocky Mountains. It’s like your dad enjoying the spoils of his own backyard but on a much bigger and better scale. By the time Father’s Day rolls around, you won’t have the option to ski, but that doesn’t mean the great outdoors don’t have your back – hiking, fishing, climbing, biking, camping, boating – you name it, the Rockies have it.


California Dreaming

There’s a reason California always makes top destination lists. It’s a huge state and has just about every type of outdoor and indoor entertainment you can think of, not to mention the perfect weather in which to do them all. Is your dad a beach bum? Relax on the beautiful shores of San Diego. Dad a sports nut? Check out a Golden State Warriors game in San Francisco or an Angles/Dodgers game in L.A. Is he a wine connoisseur? Head to the valley for wine country. Whatever your dad fancies, rest assured California has it.


Boogie Down in Nashville or Austin

Music can transcend time, so why not share in his love for blues, country, classic rock or golden oldies with a trip to America’s music capital – Nashville, Tennessee. Explore one of the finest music scenes in the country by planning a concert and museum filled music weekend. Enjoy all that the city has to offer from great tunes to friendly ‘tudes.


This Father’s Day, ditch the cliché dad gifts. He may need a new set of razor blades but he doesn’t want razor blades. let your dad know you love him with a trip to somewhere special.

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