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Fun Things Your Family can do for 4th of July

By Olivia Harlow

Independence Day is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to show your true colors — beyond the red, white and blue. Let your freak flag fly this 4th of July with whatever activities feel most in line with who you are. Need some ideas? Here’s our top picks — from outdoorsy adventures to indoor card games.


Balloon Fight

Nothing screams summertime quite like a good ole fashioned balloon fight. Grab some friends and family, load your balloons — the more the better — and prepare for an H2O battle scene.

Slip ‘N’ Slide

Not a fan of balloon bruises? Try a slip ‘n’ slide — either store-bought or homemade. Water is always fun on a hot day, but so is greasy oil if you can’t locate a sprinkler or hose.

Potluck Party

Potlucks are a great way to bring friends and family together — even round up the entire community. Invite your neighbors over and ask all attendees to bring a homemade dish to share. Set up a game of hopscotch for the kids and cornhole for the teens, grab the grill, make some BBQ goodies, and play some tunes!

Movie Marathon

If you’d rather stay indoors this year, why not have some friends over for American classic films? With movies playing that everyone’s seen, full-on attention is not necessary. You can snack, chat, and play games while watching favorites like American Pie and Forest Gump.

Tie-Dye Shenanigans

Time for a DIY! Grab some cheap white T-shirts from Target, some dye, and rubberbands. Roll up the shirts and get to dippin’! A grassy backyard patio is the perfect place to enjoy some fruit salad and flavored chips, while creating your U-S-A attire.

Baby Pool Cocktail Hour

Use the backdoor hose to fill up a kiddie pool with water and invite some friends over for a soak. The only way to make this more fun is with homemade Pina Coladas or your favorite craft beers.

Face Paint

This one’s a great pick for the little ones! Grab the glitter and patriotic paints. Get crafty with U-S-A bubble letters, stars and stripes!

Chalk the Sidewalks

People of all ages can’t deny the love for sidewalk chalks. It’s time to feng shui the driveway and neighborhood streets with some colorful drawings the whole community can enjoy!

Lake Day

Have a pal with a boat or lakehouse? Nothing screams ‘Murica quite like grilling hamburgers by a lake, after a full day of tubing and water skiing. Swim around the water with cozies in hand, and soak up that sweet July sunshine!

Game Night

Do you and your buddies enjoy games like Euchre, Pandemic or Cards Against Humanity? With a solid supply of PBR beers, vodka-soaked watermelon slices and hotdogs, Game Night just got a whole lot more patriotic.


Whatever fun activities you choose to take part in this upcoming holiday, be sure it includes plenty of country music, backyard baseball, ample amounts of junk food, and all other things “America.”

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