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Holiday Care Package

By Mollee Shannon

The Holiday Season for 2020 already feels a bit different than those beloved holidays of yore. Feeling a bit “haunted” by the Ghost of Christmas Past?

With these holiday care package ideas, there will be no “bah humbug!” here. 

A Sentimental Something 

This season, I was delighted to participate in a book exchange! Participants ranged in age and location, but there was one task! Send a book (or a copy of a book!) from your personal collection. Colorful cards, whether store-bought, or homemade, should accompany your book, explaining why you love this story, or why you think your Book Buddy will love it! We can even do this with small gifts! Ornaments, bags of cookies baked from favorite recipes, a trinket packaged in a favorite wrapping paper! Share your holiday joy with a friend or family member! 


Gratitude Lists 

It can be easy to focus on the ways we miss the typical holiday season. A gratitude diary is an excellent way to help our loved ones remember the best of times. These lists ask their writers to identify a favorite movie, a favorite memory, or a delightful desert. Order a preprinted books of lists, or even create your own, tailored to your friend or family member. We could all use a moment (or many) to remember our happiest times! 


A Handmade Happiness 

We know it’s been a difficult time for small businesses out there, so in addition to supporting a craftsperson, you can also make your gift even more special by selecting a personalized gift for your care package. Whether it’s a silly print resembling an inside joke, or a gorgeous hand-woven scarf, a personalized item will tell your dear friends and family just how well you know them! 


Send a Favorite Treat 

While there is much holiday joy in imagining our loved ones cherish our carefully selected treats, remember we need some joy throughout the entire year. Don’t be afraid to send someone something that can bring them joy throughout the year. A gift certificate to a favorite bakery, a coupon to a favorite shop, or even a book to be read at a future date, can all give us something to look forward to. 


Holiday Hearts 

If you want to send your friends and family a failsafe care package, remember Legacybox. The easy combination of all your analog media collection will bring happy memories of Christmas past and present, along with reminders of the happiest holidays in the future! 

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