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How do I Convert My VHS Tapes to Digital?

By Christian Roemer

If you’re sitting on a treasure trove of VHS tapes, odds say that you’re not getting too much use out of them. They’re probably sitting in a closet, maybe boxed, most likely dusty, and definitely lonely. VHS, in all of its revolutionary glory, has fallen victim to obsolescence, and you probably don’t even have a VCR anymore.

That’s why it’s such a blessing to be able to convert your VHS tapes to digital. Not only does digitization allow you to actually watch your home movies that have gone neglected for years, but you’ll also be able to cash in on a massive backlog of potential likes on your social media du jour. Don’t let someone else get the likes that you’re destined for. Take those likes by the horns!

We’re going to give you three methods to digitize your VHS tapes. I’ll preface them by saying they are certainly not created equally.

Option 1: The “Yo, kid, want a DVD” Method

This option is essentially the bootleg DVD method of copying your VHS tapes. What you’ll want to do is play the VHS on a TV or projector with a camera pointed at it on a tripod. The quality definitely leaves much to be desired, and there’s no guarantee that someone won’t walk in front of the screen while you’re recording.

Option 2: The Overachiever Method

Maybe you’re a technophile, or maybe you just have more money than you know what to do with, but you can purchase one of these guys. You’ll put your VHS tapes in this bad boy, hook it up to your computer, and be patient. In the long run, unless you have insane quantities of tapes needing digitization, it’s not very cost effective.

Option 3 (Best, unequivocally): Let Legacybox Digitize Them

Legacybox does one thing: it digitizes stuff. That means the mountain of VHS tapes that you need to have digitized can be their headache instead of yours. They’ll send you a box, you’ll put your tapes in there, and they’ll digitize them and send them back to you. It’s so easy, affordable, and stress-free, I’m not quite sure why you would really consider anything else.

So there you have it! If you’re sitting on a veritable cornucopia of VHS tapes that you’d love to digitize and harvest for likes on Facebook or Instagram, these three methods are what you’re looking for. If you want to maximize your potential likes, we’d probably steer you away from Option 1, because then all of your friends will know that you take the cheap way out, and nobody likes a cheapskate.

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