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Life Span of VHS

By Olivia Harlow

We’ve got some news for you that you probably don’t want to hear: Your VHS tapes are doomed. 

If you’ve got a stack of old Disney classics and family videos, you might be asking yourself, how long will these last? And how can I prevent them from deteriorating?

Well, here’s some more bad news: There’s no set expiration date for your tapes, and there’s no real way to avoid their decay.

But, we’ve got some good news — Whew, finally! There is a solution: Digitization.

Here are some reasons to consider digitizing:

  1. Though a VHS tape’s life expectancy varies, on average, they deteriorate up to 20 percent over the course of 10 to 25 years.
  2. VHS tapes are highly susceptible to scratching, erosion, remanence decay, dust and mold. Even in a climate-controlled storage space, your tapes will inevitably one day become dysfunctional.
  3. There will come a day when the VHS player required to play your movies also doesn’t work — and finding a new one will be nearly impossible. We’re dealing with semi-obsolete products here, people!
  4. Regardless if you’ve watched a family video a thousand times or just once in the last decade, the film doesn’t have much of a standing chance. Overuse can result in worn lubricants and friction wear-and-tear, while underuse can lead to dust, mold and inevitable diminished quality of sound and picture.
  5. In contrast to a VHS tape, DVDs have a life shelf of at least 100 years, and digital files are said to last forever. Converting a VHS to a DVD is a surefire way to provide backup.
  6. We can help! (That’s right — keep reading!)

At Legacybox, our expertise is in converting old photos and films into digital content that can last forever. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pack up your VHS tapes and send them to us.
  2. We will convert the videos into digital files, storing the movies onto a DVD. You’ll be able to track the entire process via a tracking code included with your order.
  3. Within a few weeks, we’ll send your original content back to you unharmed, in addition to your new digitized copy.

At Legacybox, we want to ensure your favorite memories are never forgotten. Whether it’s the Special Edition Aladdin or a clip of Grandma dancing to Grease sing-alongs in her Pink Ladies jacket and poodle skirt from the 1980s, you want these bits of nostalgia to last a lifetime, and longer. It’s our job to make sure that happens!

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