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New Year Goals 2021

By Mollee Shannon

With the advent of the holiday season comes the unavoidable question: What are our goals for the new year? This has been a different season, to say the least, so here are some modern goals (or traditional goals, with a spin!) for 2021. 


A New Favorite Recipe 

You may think this applies to food! Of course it can! Find a new spin on one of your favorite dishes, but also consider your daily routine! While you might find that you’d really rather enjoy that croissant crust on your quiche, you could also discover changes in your daily routine that bring you greater joy! Wake earlier, or sleep in. Throw a wrench in your schedule and see what you find!  


Get Comfy 

Whether it’s simply lounging in your PJs, or organizing your home, get comfy and relax. For some us, that means donning a pair of fuzzy pants and socks. For others, it means getting our hands dirty in the attic or basement. Some even prefer a hot bath or shower, but regardless, this year will be our time to relax, whether that means organizing, chilling out, or warming up! Do what brings you those feelings of accomplishment! 


Stick With It 

As always, it’s so hard to stick to your goals! Whether you’re go-getting, or trying to chill, maintaining that change is no easy task. Make a checklist for yourself! Post it on your refrigerator. “Make a  cup of hot cocoa,” “hang family photos,” or “pat yourself on the back” might be the best “task” you write for yourself in 2021. 


Get Organized 

Whether you’re trying to get it all done, or you aim to achieve less stress, remember, Legacybox is always here to help! You can get into those family memories, immediately! 

Once your box arrives at our facility, you’ll receive updates every time your media is scanned by our expert technicians. You can stay up to date and informed on your order. Or, you can take your time organizing your box, and send us your media when you’re ready. A Legacybox never expires (and you’ll still get those updates!). So relax and know you’re in good hands. 

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