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Photo Display Ideas That Don’t Need Frames

By Elaine Elliott

There are so many fun and creative ways to display a photo without using a picture frame. Think outside the box and mix things up a bit with our five frameless photo display ideas. Each one is easy to make and adds a unique touch to your cherished memories.


Before you start these craft projects, make sure to digitize your photos with Legacybox!


Pin Up Collage


This is a good way to show off lots of photos from a vacation or family event. Dangle all your photos on several layers of string to make a cute collage on a wall or above a bed. The display is ideal for smaller images or even polaroids. Use clothes pins to pin each picture on the string. Pin up collages are a good idea for college dorms, teen rooms, or any room with a bohemian aesthetic. For an extra charming touch, the string can be a set of fairy lights that glow next to each photo.


Picture Mobile Chandelier


Similar to a pin up collage except the photos hang from the ceiling on a homemade mobile. This is a fun idea for a table centerpiece (especially if there is a light fixture inside the mobile!) or corner accent in a room. The mobile will have several hoops with photos pinned up on each layer to create a cascading effect.


Block Photos


Block photos are a fun DIY project for any age! Print out your favorite images and Mod Podge them onto thick pieces of wood or blocks. Paint the back and edges of the block and the result is a collection of adorable and vibrant photo blocks to display on shelves or use as coasters.


Binder Clip Displays


Creating this display only takes a few minutes! Show off your printed photos on any table or shelf with a simple, minimalistic binder clip display. Place the clip upside down so the base sits and attach the photo into the clip. This is a fun idea for smaller square images.


Vintage Window Photo Display


Window panes look just like picture frames but a little different. Vintage window frames look great in farmhouse homes, and give you a reason to refurbish an old window. Place a photo inside each window pane and hang up the window on any wall for a dramatic showpiece. The frames will probably be pretty large so you might want to print these photos on a high quality printer or at a local print shop.

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