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Statement Doormats

By Shelby Burr

You know those super cute accent door mats that always set the tone before you enter into someone’s home? Well, we are going to give you the best DIY on how to make a couple doormats at home! 

Cheetah Print Doormat

We all know that cheetah print is definitely back, so we are going to take this super cute trend and turn it into an adorable doormat. All you need is a mat from your local grocery store, some black paint, gold paint, a brush and a paper plate.


First, put some black and gold paint onto your paper plate. This will serve as your pain pallette for now! Next dip your brush into the black paint. You will want to make a small horseshoe shape with the black paint, about the size of a quarter. It doesn’t have to be a perfect line; the more squiggly the line the better! Then, with the same paint in a new spot, paint a bean the size of a quarter and another bean facing the first. You will want it to look like the letter “o” but without the top or bottom touching one another. Continue making these shapes all over the doormat. Let it dry. 


Once dry, dip your brush into the gold paint and paint a spot in the middle of the horseshoe black shape, and a spot in the middle of the two black bean shapes. Continue this process until all black shapes have a gold spot. You will see your cheetah print doormat come to life in this instant! Let your mat completely dry and ta da! You now have a super cute cheetah doormat. 


Family Hand Print Doormat

Another super simple design, but it will capture the hearts of everyone who comes to your home. All you need is some colorful paint, a brush and a doormat. Gather your family together, children or pets, and have them select their desired color. Paint one hand on each person and have them press their hand into the doormat. You can make a heart out of your hand prints, a circle, or have the hands in a straight line from oldest to youngest!


Just be sure to have everyone wash their hands thoroughly once finished...you don’t want to find little handprints miscellaneously throughout the house! 


Summer Pattern Doormat

Super easy, super fun. With a blank doormat, you can create a fun summer design with some paint and a water bottle! All you need to do is paint the top lid of the water bottle in different colors of paint and print polka dots all over! Once your doormat is covered in polka dots, let it dry. And done! See, easy and fun. 


Sports Stripe Doormat

Do you have a favorite sports team? Then this mat is for you! All you need is some painters tape, your sports colors in paint, and a brush! Mark out your painters tape to make some simple tripes (or create your own checkered design). Once the tape is down and in place, begin painting your colors to fill every other stripe. Let the paint dry and remove the tape. 


You can keep your doormat with the simple stripe colors, or you can paint a simple design of a football or soccer ball right in the center to represent your team!


Potato Stamp Doormat

Okay, this one is a little different, but it turns out so cute! What you need is a potato, a kitchen knife, paint, a doormat and a paintbrush. Cut your potato in half and begin to cut out a shape on one side of the potato. It could be a simple rectangle, a half circle, or maybe even an “x.” Next, dip your stamp design into the paint and stamp all over the doormat. Once your doormat is completely covered, let it dry. See, now you have a perfectly printed doormat and all you needed was a potato!

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