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The 5 Most Visited Cities During Thanksgiving

By Christian Roemer

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year. It seems like almost everyone goes somewhere. But where do they go?

Some people go home, wherever that is. Some people go overseas, and some stay at home and let their family come to them. For many people, however, they go to one of these 5 places. For different reasons, each of these cities has a big-time appeal to Thanksgiving travelers. Places like:



Home of the Macy’s Day Parade, New York is a Thanksgiving Day Mecca. Even though it can be pretty cold outside in late November, the city has such a huge variety of events going on, it’s no surprise that people flock to it during this time of year. Whether you’re scoping out a show on Broadway, or you just want to get the perfect spot to see the Snoopy Float, New York is a big-time Thanksgiving destination.


While some people head north for their Thanksgiving, other people have warmer thoughts in mind. Miami is one of the United States’ southernmost big cities, and it’s perfect for people wanting to escape the incoming winter air. Take a walk down Miami Beach or partake in Cuban food instead of sweet potato soufflé and turkey. If you don’t believe me that Miami is a big-time Thanksgiving destination, take a look at this flight information.


Chicago is the other big city up North. It also has one of its own parades, plenty of delicious restaurants, and ample fun stuff to do. Folks love ice skating and checking out the McDonald’s parade then spending all of their cash at the local stores in the shopping district. Since Chicago is the central hub of the Midwest, it’s the perfect place for many people to take a quick vacation. That’s why it’s one of the most popular Thanksgiving destinations in the US.


Los Angeles has some of the most perfect weather in the world all year long. It’s a huge metropolis with so many things to do, you could spend months there and still not see everything. Those are just a couple of the reasons that L.A. is such a popular Thanksgiving destination. Add in the fact that Disneyland is there, and you can see why it’s the ideal November vacation spot. It’s awesome for families that want to have a great time, experience some perfect weather, and maybe see a couple of movie stars.


Orlando and Los Angeles share a major draw that makes them both  super popular for Thanksgiving travels: Disney. For Orlando, they boast one of the most insane collection of theme parks in one location in the entire world. Epcot, Universal Studios, Disney World, and more, Orlando is jam packed with fun things for families to do. Since the kids get a nice break from school the week of Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to take the whole crew down to Florida for some fun, sun, and Mickey Mouse.
Cities that barely missed the cut: San Francisco, San Diego, Honolulu, and Was

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