The Best Tech Gadgets of 2018

The Best Tech Gadgets of 2018
Can’t decide what to get for your tech-loving significant other this year for Christmas? Or better yet, want to treat yourself to the latest and greatest this year’s inventions have to offer? Well, look no further. Here are the best tech gadgets from 2018:


Fitbit Altra HR

Track your workouts and your sleep, with the latest Fitbit watch. With various color options, a customizable clock, and the brand’s iconic sleek aesthetic, staying active looks good! Sync your watch to your phone to get text and phone alerts. Sit still for too long, and you’ll also receive reminders to move your body.



Ready to have your favorite family videos, photos and audio digitized to DVD, Digital Download or Thumb Drive? With Legacybox, you can now relive those special moments trapped on VHS, film reels and photos. It's easy. Order and receive your Legacybox right to your door. Fill with your memories and ship back with your pre-paid shipping label. After a few short weeks, you'll receive your original memories back, plus your digitized movies!


Wireless Headphones



Listen to tunes without tangling yourself in the wires. Tap into Siri to make phone calls, get map directions, or listen to music on demand. With a 24-hour battery life and top-notch sound quality, these earphones amp up the the day-to-day routine.


Jabra Elite Sport

With a comfy and customizable fit, you can finally say goodbye to those weird-shaped ear buds that never seem to fit quite right. These ear pieces have 4.5 hours of play time and a portable charging system, giving you a total of 13.5 hours at your disposal.


Beats Studio3

Noise cancellation and 40 hours of battery life are enough of a reason to be intrigued by these stylish headphones. The price may be high, at $350, but buyers say every penny is worth it.


WHOOSH Screen Cleaner

Okay, so, a cleaner might sound totally lame. But, when you start to think of your dusty camera lens, foggy glasses, and fingerprint-covered computer screen, this stuff starts to sound pretty magical.


Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Vacuum

Housewives, househusbands, and fur babies rejoice! Bid farewell to tripping over chords and accidentally unplugging the wire whilst venturing to far into the crevasses of your kitchen. That’s right — this vacuum gets the job done without the inconvenience of unplugging and re-plugging chords around various locations of the house. The vacuum is sleek, lightweight, offers 60-minutes of battery time, and boasts a large bin for all the unwanted lint and grit. Neat freaks are going to love it.


DJI Mavic 2 Pro

If you’re not a videographer, please don’t ruin a precious moment with the buzzing noise and your uncertainty of not knowing how to operate a drone. If you are a videographer, this might just be the best thing since Pop-Tarts. With adjustable aperture and 10-bit HDR video, this camera can capture the most beautiful scenes — and unforgettable moments — in a 360 way that only Peter Pan could do!


Portable Speakers


Sony Play1

It’s compact, but mighty. And at $150, it’s fairly affordable, considering its quality. These humidity-resistant speakers stream via Wi-Fi, making it impossible for Mom’s daily phone calls to interrupt your jam sessions.


Bose Home Speaker 500 with Amazon Alexa

It’s easy to use, with superb noise quality and a superior voice pick-up system. You can pretty much talk to Alexa from anywhere (within reason) and she’s got you covered. Play a podcast? Check. Play your guilty pleasure Spotify playlist? Check.


Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Prepare for solo dance parties and raging parties.


Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset

Yes, virtual reality is sort of creepy. But, it’s also amazing. Get front row spots to your favorite movies, video games and live sports competitions with this 360 headset. You might look funny wearing this alien-like cover over your eyes — throwing your hands in the air as the Packers score or laughing hysterically during a playback of Bridesmaids — but it’ll be worth it, trust us.

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