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Top Places To See Fall Foliage

By Shelby Burr

Fall is here! The world is changing and bringing new change with it. Now that the temperature has dropped, the leaves will begin to change and turn a fiery red.

The whole world looks like it’s on fire and in the most fantastic way.

Looking to go on an adventure and see beautiful fall weather? Here are the top 7 places to go visit to see the fall change!


Bar Harbor, Maine

If you’re looking for a place where the air is cool and the leaves change a beautiful color, go check out Bar Harbor, Maine. Bar Harbor is a town on Mount Desert Island along Maine’s Frenchman Bay. It is a beautiful gateway to the mountains and cliffs of neighboring Acadia National Park. The window to enjoy fall colors is from mid-september to mid-october each year. And what else can you do in this town while you’re there? Attend their Fall event, visit their historic museum, go on a haunted tour and embrace all the beautiful falling leaves. 

Ozark National Forest, Arkansas 

The Ozark - St. Francis National Forest is a United States National Forest that is located in the state of Arkansas. It’s divided into two forests: Ozark Mountains and Crowley’s Ridge. This fantastic spot is best known for its 1.2 million acres of pure beauty. You’ll also find the tallest mountain in the stat, Mount Magazine. There is also an underground cave - Blanchard Springs Caverns! These beautiful fall views will just have you in awe.  

Catskill Mountains, New York

When you think of New York….your mind might instantly see the big apple and New York City. However, New York has some pretty amazing views that will take your breath away...and it doesn’t involve the concrete jungle. The Catskill Mountains lie in southeastern New York State. This place is rich with wildlife and hiking trails, and ski resorts including Hunter Mountain and Belleayre Mountain. In addition to breathtaking natural attractions like waterfalls and scenic vistas, the Catskill Mountains are famous for its number of trails, lakes and rivers. There are also 98 peaks in these mountains - What!? 

Stowe, Vermont

Now it’s time to go visit a small town with some beautiful views. Stowe is a town in northern Vermont. It’s overlooked by Mount Mansfield, known for its trails and ski slopes. This spot is famous for rock climbers, hikers, and expert ski or snowboarders. Hekc, there is even the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum which showcases different ski gear and amazing artifacts. You’ll fall in love with this sweet, little town and the beautiful fall views. 

Eastern Shore, Maryland

Make your way out to beautiful Maryland if you want to see the world on fire. This entrancing dance of fall hues will have you daydreaming. When is the best time to visit Eastern Shore of Maryland? The foliage season generally lasts about six weeks across the region, but it can also be just a week or two in any particular spot. Once the flame is lit, it will quickly go out in Eastern Shore! Which definitely makes traveling more exciting. You want to be able to visit at the right time so you can capture the most perfect memories of Maryland! 

Max Patch in North Carolina

Rolling hills, stunning sunsets, perfect fall weather...what more could you ask for? Max Patch is a very popular spot for many reasons, but the top reason being the fall colors / fall view. Max Patch is also connected to the Appalachian Trail, so you’ll see lots of people there to hike or camp on top of the beautiful Max Patch hill. It can get a little chilly during the fall and because you’ll be standing on top of a large hill that doesn have any trees (this is where you overlook the rest of beautiful Max Patch). So, make sure you bundle up! Lots of people also use Max Patch as a ceremony spot for their wedding or for wedding photos! I don’t blame them...it’s breathtaking up there.

Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga Choo Choo!!! This beautiful, golden spot in Tennessee is a magical place. There are tons of things that make this a favorite fall spot, but the mountains are for certain the top prize in Chattanooga. Incredible views, crisp fall air, a beautiful river cutting through reflecting the auburn hues...Like I said, magical. Plus, Chattanooga is only 10 min away from the Georgia / Tennessee line! You can hike trails and visit parks like Cloudland Canyon or Suck Creek! 

Each place is unique and has so much beauty. You’ll create such beautiful memories visiting any of these places this fall. Be sure to take photos and family videos - that way you can relive this beautiful Fall season over and over again. 

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