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Top Trends of the 80s

By Olivia Harlow

Oh the 80s — a decade of mullets, Guns n’ Roses, and aerobics spandex. This time in history was known for its fast music and faster cars, big shoulder pads and even bigger hair. 


Of course, it would be nearly impossible to list every quirky and nostalgic trend of the 80s, but here are some of the most iconic — and arguably the most fun. By the time you’re done reading, we hope you’ll want to whip out your old school family photo albums, showcasing Dad’s Metallica T-shirts and Mom’s ornamented vinyl jackets.


  1. Big Hair: Before the straightener boom, there was the perm. “80s hair” was all about voluminous curls, fluffy bangs and the overuse of blowdryers. For men, it was the infamously known mullet — or what some called a “party in the back” hairdo.
  2. The Aerobics Get-Up: You know the look: neon-colored leggings, chunky bracelets, spandex, oversized pullover sweatshirts, leg warmers and side ponytails. Throw in some Jane Fonda workout routine, and you’ll be transported back in time to a day of step touches, “grapevines” and quick-paced knee lifts.
  3. Skate Disco: 80s skate parties were all the rage back in the day. Imagine dipping low to the Limbo and dancing on wheels to “Bust a Move.”
  4. Sequins: If what you wore wasn’t totally covered in these small glittery discs, you were automatically considered un-cool.
  5. Ripped, High-Waist Jeans: When folks weren’t wearing skin-tight leggings or too-short jogger shorts, they were wearing torn jeans — ripped at the knees, and un-hemmed at the floor — that almost always covered the belly button. Nowadays, you probably know them as “Mom Jeans.”


So, there you have it. Whether you want to make a fashion statement, or have an excuse to binge Guns N’ Roses tunes on cassette tape and watch VHS re-runs of The Breakfast Club, the 80s are sure to bring back joyful — and uhhhh, unique — memories. 

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