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Your Brain and Change: What Happens?

By Shelby Burr

Looking to switch things up this year? We all come across new decisions that need to be made. Whether that be buying a new car, changing your hair style or even moving to a new location. Either way, change can be inevitable.

So, as change happens, what exactly goes on with your brain?



Let's face it, change can be a little daunting and your brain doesn't always want to make that change. Our brain is trained to favor familiarity. We naturally learn what works best for us with a positive reaction and avoid what results in a negative one. 


Essentially, over time, your brain has trained itself to be comfortable. The more you do something, the more ingrained it becomes in neural pathways, much like how a computer store the sites you visit. Change is inevitable and the brain has to work to fit into an existing framework that makes it comfortable.


Your Brain is Protective

You want to know what has your back? Your brain!


That's right, your brain wants to protect your from any kind of drastic change from your natural routine. It's basically on guard and ready to attack if any change could pose as a possible threat.

So, just know that that fight or flight feeling when you're about to do something off from your norm...it's totally normal! Change causes your brain to puff up it's chest and scope everything out to ensure your safety....Thanks brain!


Your Brain is Your Ally

Okay, so now that we know your brain is comfy and will fight off any negative force of change...what about good change?

Thought change can be difficult as we grow older, it's so beneficial to our cognitive health to stimulate change and to encourage it as it comes naturally. So, as change comes and goes, you should teach your brain to react positively. 

No matter what comes your way, decide that you'll react positively to this change. If you stretch your brain past its comfort zone, you're opening the door to being receptive to other types of change.


This year, let your brain accept the newness, accept the change and accept the inevitable. There may be challenges, but remember, your brain has your back! Your brain wants you to be comfortable, to be safe and to know that you have the ability to do what every you set your mind to.

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