Legacybox Donates $100,000 to Insure Memories Against California Wildfire Threats

Legacybox is an innovative and secure, mail-in solution for digitizing your invaluable, antiquated media. We've pioneered the industry standard for digitizing millions of invaluable memories, combining experiences of the past, with the technology of today, to make it easy and safe to insure and share recorded moments for generations to come. As the largest digitizing company in the world, we've been trusted by museums, universities, governments, and over 600,000 families across America to convert their priceless aging tapes, film and pictures into digital keepsakes that are ready to watch, share and enjoy on-demand. 

As part of our natural disaster preparedness efforts, we will be donating 200 20-Piece Legacybox kits to residents in at-risk wildfire communities so family history, experiences and legacies can live beyond times of uncertainty. 

“When disaster strikes, loosing irreplaceable, cherished possessions and memories should be the last thing on family’s minds as they prepare for the uncertainty of natural disasters. Memories matter but are often trapped in our attics or storage closets and at risk of being lost forever. We want families to rest assure that those memories are insured by us and available on digital formats that are safe against natural disaster threats and for future generations.”
- Adam Boeselager, Founder

Southern California residents can register for a Legacybox digitizing kit. Your Legacybox kit will be mailed to your doorstep immediately, to be packed with invaluable recorded moments and labeled with pioneered safety barcodes, so you can follow each item during the professional-grade digitizing process online. Residents will receive their insured media in a link to the cloud link within 2-4 weeks. Legacybox digitizing kits will be mailed on a first come first serve basis.

For those who are already impacted, if homeowners can access their non-digital media safely, Legacybox will hold this content securely at its facilities until the risk of return has passed – or alternatively work closely with individuals on identifying another convenient address for returns.

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