Convert Beta Tapes to Digital
Convert Beta Tapes to Digital

Betamax to DVD Service

Convert your old Beta tapes to DVD and optional thumb drive with Legacybox.


All-In-One, Mailed Kit

Digital Conversions, By Hand

Returned DVDs with Originals

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Legacybox makes preserving your outdated memories simple and easy. We take care of everything, just fill, send, and enjoy.
Fill your Legacybox with your memories. Any format in your collection — Legacybox can handle it.
Pack your Legacybox in the box it arrived in. It's made to fit snugly and will keep your Legacybox safe during shipment.
In a few weeks, you'll receive your memories back on DVDs and in digital format if you select an optional thumb drive to share and enjoy.
Choose the perfect Legacybox for you.
Any budget, any collection size. Choose the perfect Legacybox for your family.
Up to 3 Tapes or 3 Films
or 3 sets of 25 Pictures
or Mix & Match *
Up to 10 Tapes or 10 Films
or 10 sets of 25 Pictures
or Mix & Match *
Up to 20 Tapes or 20 Films
or 20 sets of 25 Pictures
or Mix & Match *
Up to 40 Tapes or 40 Films
or 40 sets of 25 Pictures
or Mix & Match *
* mix and match different format types.
Example: Starter Legacybox = 3 items. Potential combination could be one tape, 1 film reel, one set of 25 photos, for a total of three items.

Transfer Beta Tapes to Digital

Save your old shows or you just might be on one—Hoarders.

Listen—If you have Betamax video tapes bunkered in your attic, we’re not even mad. We’re impressed. Do you realize what you are sitting on (or what’s sitting on you, rather)? It’s like an accidental time capsule up there. Got any Honus Wagner baseball cards stashed away? Civil War relics? Dinosaur bones? They wouldn’t hold half the value your family memories do, but it is the memories that are being erased—and at ten times the rate of any of your other treasures. Betamax to DVD service is the last hope of salvaging your video past. You are hurtin’ for a convertin’.

Betamax (also known as Beta) was the analog home video recording format developed by Sony in the mid-1970s. Tapes are one inch thick, six inches wide and 3 ¾ inches tall. Big enough to knock a horse out cold from across the room. “Beta” describes the way signals were recorded to tape, and how the tape looked like the Greek letter beta (β) when it wound through the transport. They added “max” on the back end to suggest greatness. Marketing genius, right? Not for long. JVC created the smaller and longer VHS tapes to compete directly with Betamax. Cue Snoopy and the Red Baron. It was a brief dogfight, and VHS won hands-down.

To the victor go the spoils, and in this case, to the loser went the spoils as well. That magnetic tape in both formats began to spoil and deteriorate 15 years after it was made. If you have Betamax tapes that haven’t yet been converted, your family treasure chest is leaking gold coins—your favorite shows; all those classic music videos; your son’s playoff interception that made the local news; not to mention some of the first home movies ever in the history of your family tree. Those tapes may sit around looking the same forever, but the information on them won’t. Great Grandpa Hufferdink would roll over in his grave if he knew you had moving pictures of his descendants that you let slowly waste away. Get them converted today, and we can laugh about your hoarding tendencies tomorrow. Don’t get them converted and nobody will be laughing.

We want to help unburden those shoulders of yours with our Betamax to DVD transfer service. Beta tapes are being safely digitized and converted to DVD and digital files in our studio every day. We are ready to send our crushproof Legacybox your way with pre-paid round-trip shipping and tracking via Fedex. Let us do the heavy lifting. After every last one of your Betamax tapes are is transferred to DVDs and digital files for your computer, we will return all of your original tapes to you so that you can build a bridge to nowhere, design a nice walking path through the garden, or wall off your nosy mother-in-law. See, those tapes are good for something after all.

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