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Become a Tourist in Your Hometown

By Mollee Shannon

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for some relaxation! Whether you want to strike out on your own, or you’re planning some excitement for family and friends, you can always arrange a stress-free trip by becoming a tourist in your hometown. The result will be a touching walk down Memory Lane and an exhilarating renewal of perspective, as you create new experiences in the comfort of the beautiful place where you grew up!


Touring your hometown is a superb way to revive your appreciation for the place you call home.


1. Take a Guided Group Tour

While some people consider group tours a bit cliché, participating in tourism in your hometown can open your eyes to renewed appreciation for your surroundings! Maybe you’ve driven by the exit for that historic house a hundred times on your way to school or work, and you thought, “I’ll go and see that...sometime.” Now is the time! There’s no doubt the impressions of first-time tourists in your group will give you fresh insights into the beauty you’ve experienced every day and the charm you grew up with! Not to mention, you may have the opportunity to share some of your own recollections!


2. Create Your Own Walking Tour

If you’re on a budget, you can always enjoy a walking tour of your historic downtown area. Take a turn off of your beaten path to explore an old neighborhood with new vitality, where you can enjoy the quiet bustle of a locally owned coffee shop. If you’re in a rural city, grab an old map of your town from the local library and visit places that once were! Ask your parents or grandparents about their favorite spots in town from years past! You never know what small delights of times gone by may be hiding in plain sight!


3. Book a Night at a Locally Owned Hotel

Sometimes, you just need to get away from the laundry list and household chores to relax! This is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to some of your hometown’s magic! Find a locally owned hotel where you can kick up your feet in a fun, unique environment. Meet interesting people from all places, as you brunch in the hotel’s rooftop café. Soak up some shade under the umbrella by the pool, and chat with the guests next to you! Booking a hotel in your hometown is the perfect occasion to relax in a familiar place with an inspiring twist!


4. Try a New Restaurant

Everyone has their restaurant circuit ― the list of your favorite establishments that serve the tried and true menu items you love. When visiting your hometown, it’s easy to frequent the same places. Break the cycle by grabbing lunch at a trendy sidewalk café, or making dinner reservations at a dashing gastropub. Enjoy the ambiance of a new environment with fresh faces and perspectives! Your taste buds won’t be the only ones on an adventure!


5. Plan a Trip Into Your City

Visit your town’s tourism page and plan to visit a few places described on the website. What are the feathers in your town’s cap? Maybe it’s a historic mansion, or even a scenic nature trail. Check out a local blogger’s recommendations for people visiting the city for the first time. Grab an iced tea and an appetizer at a popular tourist spot and chat up your dining companions. Not quite ready to leave your comfort zone? Bring along a friend or loved one for company. The more the merrier!

The comfort of “hearth and home” rings true, whether your hometown is a capsule of your memories and experiences frozen in time, or it has grown and changed to become a large, buzzing city. Even better is sharing your hometown, memories, and souvenirs with your friends and family! It’s always the right time to tour the place you know and love and to carry on the legacy of good times with those you care for. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are recording those special moments.


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