How Much Footage is on my 8mm Film?

How Much Footage is on my 8mm Film?

Do you have some vintage 8mm film collecting nothing but a firm coat of mother nature’s dandruff? Well, grab that old box full of film reels and ship it off to Legacybox and we can help you cement those classic memories into time through our digitization process.


But first let’s start with a few common questions.


How do you know how much footage is on my 8mm/Super 8 reel?

This is probably the most common question people ask themselves when they find a jackpot of old 8mm film. So to make it easy for you, here’s approximately how your film reels break down.



Feet length

Time length

3” reel (50 feet)

2–3 minutes

4” reel (100 feet)

5–6 minutes

5” reel (200 feet)

12–14 minutes

6” reel (300 feet)

19–22 minutes

7” reel (400 feet)

26–29 minutes


*Any 16mm film will be approximately half the run time of 8mm or Super 8.


How many 8mm feet can you fit onto a DVD?

Our reputable digitization process typically fits up to 1500 feet of film onto a DVD. So if you’ve got a lot of feet, rest assured that even a single DVD can store quite a bit, nearly two hours of playback.


How do we count the reels we receive from customers?

The simple answer is one. Whereas most companies count by the foot, we simply count by the reel keeping it affordable and convenient for you. Each individual reel is counted as one, even if you have smaller films spliced together on a larger reel – up to 10” reel sizes. And because old film reels are typically short in length, we combine your reels into as few DVDs as possible.


What is the best way to preserve your film?

There’s no denying it, film doesn’t last forever. Every passing year adds a greater propensity for degradation. So if you’ve got a box full of memories, digitization is the best course of action. You give us your old media and we give you a DVD or thumb drive, so you can save and share years worth of laughs, cries and childhood embarrassment for generations to come.

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