Audio Cassette to CD Service

Convert your old audio cassette tapes to CD and optional thumb drive with Legacybox.
Convert your old audio cassette tapes to CD and optional thumb drive with Legacybox.
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Mix and match formats.

Your originals are always returned.
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Simply the best way to preserve your past.

The most important thing you can do for your family, in three easy steps.

1. Pack your Memories

1. Pack your Memories

Just pack your LEGACYBOX shipper with all your analog media. We include safety barcodes for every item, and a pre-paid shipping label. Hand your filled Legacybox to the mail carrier, pat yourself on the back, and let us take it from here.
2. Digitized with care

2. Digitized with care

Our team of professionals will digitize every item, by hand, with personalized updates provided at each step. Your LEGACYBOX order will be digitized at our 3 acre, 50,000 square foot campus - a temple to love of everything analog.
3. Relive, laugh, cry

3. Relive, laugh, cry

Receive all your original recorded moments back, along with perfectly preserved copies on thumb drive, the cloud, or DVD. Then gather the family, and begin the trip down memory lane. Tissues not included.

How it Works

How will I get my audio back?

Your digitized audio is provided back to you on a convenient thumb drive, provided online through Google Drive, or on professionally authored CDs. You choose which way you’d like to receive your digitized audio upon checkout. Digital files are delivered as high quality .WAV files. For the best quality, if you send in audio cassettes, each side will be transferred to its own CD, or as a separate file if you opted for a thumb drive or Digital Download.

Do you return my original audio cassettes or reels?

Yes! We always send back your originals with delivery of your newly digitized audio files.

What if my tape, reel or audio is blank?

No problem, we’ll let you know and you can send in another item at no charge. Please note, if a tape or reel has even a few minutes of footage on it, we will provide the conversion for it. The processing for shorter tapes and reels is the same as longer, so tape and reel conversions are charged per item, not based on the length of footage.

Will my audio tracks be separated?

To achieve the best quality and consistency, we offer a one-to-one transfer for audio cassette tapes. Each side of the tape is carefully recorded from beginning to end in one take to ensure we never miss a beat. All that said, track separation is not something we offer, however you can download this awesome, free program called Audacity to separate your audio tracks easily.

What Are The Technical Specs?

Original Analog Quality, Captured and Preserved Digitally

MP4 Digital File
(most common type for digital files, works great on computers)

640x480 Dimensions
(captures full size of analog tape)

1-2 GB Average File Size
(lots of data, great quality)

Fun Nerdy Tech Specs (for those who really want to know!)
H.264 MPEG-4 AVC (part 10), 480p, 29.97 FPS, SD, Progressive, VBR 1500-3000 kbps DVD variable encoding M2v, compressed depending on length, authored to VOB

Convert Cassette Tapes to CD

Our parents wrote love letters. We made mixtapes.

Audio cassettes rocked our worlds. Paired with the invention of the Sony Walkman, they kicked open the door on how we listened to and shared music, stomped on our ears, and we loved every minute of it. It was like the invention of fire, or the wheel. We could take our auditory joys with us into the world, a private alternate universe we could sink into on the bus, during class, in the half-pipe, or after a bad breakup. There was no better comeback to a shrill teacher or parent lecture than simply slipping on a pair of headphones.

The mixtape—this new kind of living form of self-expression—was mightier than the sword. That lore still lives on. The tapes themselves? Not so much. They are falling apart. Without converting cassette tapes to CD and digital, the music and the memories will be lost. Legacybox audio cassette to thumb drive, digital delivery through Legacybox Cloud™ or DVD service is your time machine back to all those feelings, those unique-as-a-fingerprint playlists, your live recordings, and the music you can’t find on any other format.

You know it well. The compact cassette (musicassette, cassette tape, audio cassette), was a magnetic tape running between two miniature spools, held inside a protective plastic shell. It came with pre-recorded audio content or as a fully recordable blank cassette tape. It was an evolutionary leap on both accounts: home recording and portable audio. Cassettes were catalysts for social change. Underground rock, hip-hop and punk music created movements, brought people together, and empowered people to political change and new freedoms of expression.

Most of us have upgraded our music collections. But most of us have also held on to a few of our favorite cassette tapes. Take stock in what you have. If it was put out by a major record label, it is probably readily available in a better format (CD, digital). If it is from a smaller label, it might be hard to find. If it is a mixtape, a live recording, or those silly fake radio commercials you recorded in your bathroom, those can never be recreated. They can only be preserved, but time is slipping away. Do they hiss? Warble? Fade in and out? Play unevenly? Does the tape player occasionally eat them? Do you even have a tape player? Are the aluminum parts rusting? Is the cassette warped or cracked?

Our technicians are standing by ready to perform CPR on your cassette tapes by converting them to the digital age. Our cassette to digital transfer service will digitize the content to CD and .wav. When we are finished, it will be like getting that mixtape from your summer camp crush all over again. Put those headphones on and relive 1985.