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You can add more pieces once you receive your box.

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Legacybox takes care of everything. Just fill, send, and enjoy.

Gather your recorded memories from the closet and barcode them once your Legacybox arrives. Any format in your collection — Legacybox can handle it.
Fill your Legacybox with your memories and pack it in the box it arrived in. It's made to fit snugly and will keep your Legacybox safe during shipment.
In a few weeks, you'll receive your original formats, plus your memories on thumb drive, digital delivery through Legacybox Cloud™ or DVD to share and enjoy.

Digitize Your Home Movies and Photos

Every Legacybox includes a crush proof box, welcome guide with instructions, barcodes and a pre-paid return mailing label.


Up to 3 Tapes or 3 Films
or 3 sets of 25 Pictures


Up to 3 Items*


Up to 10 Tapes or 10 Films
or 10 sets of 25 Pictures


Up to 10 Items*


Up to 20 Tapes or 20 Films
or 20 sets of 25 Pictures


Up to 20 Items*


Up to 40 Tapes or 40 Films
or 40 sets of 25 Pictures


Up to 40 Items*


* mix and match different format types.
Example: Starter Legacybox = 3 items. Potential combination could be one tape, 1 film reel, one set of 25 photos, for a total of three items.

* 1 Item = 1 Tape, 1 Film Reel, or 1 Set of 25 Pictures.

Video to DVD Transfer Service

We’d like to go on record and say we think you did real good. If those things collecting dust in the garage were a mantle full of Best Picture Oscars, they wouldn’t be worth a fraction of the value that you’ve compiled. We salute you, 1980s camcorder parents: your sore arms, your heavy shoulders, your dilated right eyes, panning soccer fields left and right, zooming in and out with flair. You—the Spielberg of grade school intramural sports—should walk with your head held high.

In the 1980s, streamlined and affordable technologies turned every American family into a home TV studio. We all began capturing priceless memories. Ballet recitals; bar mitzvahs; Dad’s famous waterski wipeout; the prank you pulled on mom; slumber party dares; pajama dance moves; vacations; belly flops; not to mention the time grandma cleared the room.

Because we come from families that also followed each other around putting memories to tape, we’ve got something urgent to discuss. Your home video legacy needs to be converted to digital media or it will be lost forever. We can’t stress this enough. We are talking about VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Video8, Digital8, MiniDV, Betamax, and MicroMV—anything big or small with a cartridge that stores information on tape. If you can even find a new VCR for sale, it might very well eat those old tapes. And finding adapters for those non-VHS formats? Forget it. Much more concerning is the life of the tape itself. Magnetic tape inside videocassette cartridges begins to break down after 15 years. Your family history is deteriorating as we speak—first in quality, and then the images themselves will disappear. Erased from existence.

The handling of your memories is sensitive territory. There is no shame in having held your family legacy tightly. You are the protector of your domain. You’ve guarded your treasures well. Unfortunately, time is the last and sneakiest enemy. No space is safe from its relentless assault. Not attics, not closets, not storage facilities. Fountain of youth? Maybe—but then you’ve got the water damage to think about. No, the tapes will break down and nobody will be happy about it, except whichever grandma cleared the room.

We’d be honored for the chance to earn your trust with our video to thumb drive, digital delivery through Legacybox Cloud™ or DVD transfer service. Over one million feet of video tape are safely digitized and converted to digital in our studio by our technicians every day. We’ve tried to account for everything that will help make this process easy. Say the word and we will send a crushproof Legacybox your way with pre-paid roundtrip shipping and tracking via Fedex. After everything is transferred to digital, we return all of your original tapes. Memories are priceless, but in the case of video tape, they are not timeless. We’re here to help!