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VHS-C to DVD Service

Send your Legacybox kit, filled with old home movies and pictures. We do the rest, digitizing your moments onto thumb drive, the cloud, or DVD.

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2 Items $50
10 Items $260
20 Items $510
40 Items $1020
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No worries, you can absolutely add more items. Each Legacybox includes extra safety item barcodes in case you have more media you'd like digitized. We'll invoice you for any add-ons once we receive your media.

Features and Details

  • Includes welcome guide with instructions, barcodes to tag your items, crush-proof box, pre-paid UPS® return shipping label and all digitizing.
  • All formats are carefully digitized by hand, right here in the United States.
  • Receive regular email updates throughout the entire digitizing process.
  • 2 - 4 week turnaround once we receive your Legacybox.
  • Access to a personal concierge to answer all questions.
  • Includes extra safety item barcodes in case you have more media you'd like digitized. We'll invoice for any add-ons once we receive your media.

Simply The Best Way To Preserve Your Past

The most important thing you can do for your family, in three easy steps.

1. Pack your Memories

Just pack your Legacybox kit with all your analog media. We include a step-by-step welcome guide, safety barcodes for every item, and a pre-paid UPS® shipping label. Drop your filled Legacybox off at a UPS location, pat yourself on the back, and let us take it from here.

2. Digitized with care

Our team of professionals will digitize every item, by hand, with personalized updates provided at each step of the digitizing process. Your Legacybox order will be digitized with care at our 3 acre, 50,000 square foot campus - a temple to love of everything analog.

3. Relive, laugh, cry

Receive all your original media back, along with perfectly preserved copies on thumb drive, the cloud, or labeled DVD's. Then gather the family (plus the friends that are basically family), some popcorn, and begin the trip down memory lane. Tissues not included.

What's the Legacybox Difference?

10 Years Experience

We've been the industry leader in professionally digitizing family memories for over a decade.

Professionally Digitized

Each item is hand-digitized by a team of nearly 150 trained technicians right here in the USA.

Real-Time Updates

Our exclusive, barcoded, online tracking system provides up to 12 emailed updates along the way.

Transfer VHS-C to Digital


When the first camcorders started making their way into homes across America, they were big and clunky, and captured video onto the unwieldy video format of VHS. They were essentially VCRs with zoom lenses and battery packs. Recording your daughter’s basketball championship game was more of a an upper body workout than playing the game itself. While VHS tapes and VCRs remained the primary format for viewing the final product, the race was on to create smaller tape formats and smaller more affordable and easy to use video cameras. The new formats generally came with adapters that worked with VCRs so that they could be viewed in the family living room, or transferred to VHS.

Enter the VHS-C videocassette tape. At one inch thick, four inches wide, and two inches tall, VHS-C tapes (about the size of a rubber duckie) seemed like a sleek compact car compared to the stodgy family station wagon that was VHS. What you gained in mobility on the recording end, you lost in needing an adaptor to play on a VCR or copy to VHS. Save yourself the time and don’t even try and go looking for a VHS-C to VHS adaptor nowadays. Nothing is going to play those old VHS-C tapes. Well, hold on, I can think of one thing—the VHS-C to Digital transfer machines in our Legacybox studios.

Never mind that the equipment to play these tapes is harder to find than mammoth tusks. Your bigger concern should be that the tape inside the VHS-C tapes is breaking down. It has already been going on for a while. Magnetic tape begins deteriorating 15 years after it was made. The colors are fading, the edges of the pictures are deteriorating. It is only a matter of time before they are unsalvageable. Time is like a house fire, but it happens slowly enough that you might not notice. Pretty soon, it will be as if the joy of winning that championship game never happened at all.

Our VHS-C to thumb drive, digital delivery through Legacybox Cloud™ or DVD conversion service promises that the footage you captured from all those family outings and school performances will be replicated exactly as is onto the long-lasting, easily viewable and shareable format of compact DVDs and digital files. By digitizing your memories, we can put a stop to the deterioration and degradation once and for all.

Our VHS-C to Digital transfer service prides itself on handling your favorite memories easily and efficiently, and we communicate with you throughout the entire process. VHS-C tapes are safely digitized by our in-house technicians every day. We start by sending you a crushproof Legacybox with pre-paid Fedex roundtrip shipping and tracking. After everything in this format and any other is transferred to thumb drive, digital delivery through Legacybox Cloud™ or DVD, we return your original tapes. Are you ready? Your family is going to do cartwheels. There will be smiles and a few tears. You will have given them the last 30 years of their life back.

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Legacybox Digitizing Kit
Starting at $50
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