Transfer Film to DVD

Convert your old film reels to DVD and optional thumb drive with Legacybox.
Convert your old film reels to DVD and optional thumb drive with Legacybox.
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So easy, so meaningful

The most important thing you can do for your family, in three easy steps.

1. Fill your Legacybox

1. Fill your Legacybox

Just pack your Legacybox with all your analog media. We include safety barcodes for every item, and a pre-paid shipping label. Hand your filled Legacybox to the mail carrier, pat yourself on the back, and let us take it from here.
2. Digitized with care

2. Digitized with care

Our team of professionals will digitize every item, by hand, with personalized updates provided at each step. Your Legacybox will be digitized at our 3 acre, 50,000 square foot campus - a temple to love of everything analog.
3. Relive, laugh, cry

3. Relive, laugh, cry

Receive all your original recorded moments back, along with perfectly preserved copies on thumb drive, the cloud, or DVD. Then gather the family, and begin the trip down memory lane. Tissues not included.

How it Works

Do you return my original film? How will I get my film back?

Yes! We always send back your originals along with delivery of your new digitized home movies.

Your digitized film reels are provided back to you on a convenient thumb drive, provided online through Google Drive, or on professionally authored DVDs. You choose which way you’d like to receive your digitized film upon checkout.

Digital files on thumb drive and Digital Download are provided with the industry standard MPEG-4 file format. As film reels are generally short, our DVDs combine as many digitized reels as possible onto a disc.

Please note that it is not our standard process to digitize film with sound. In our experience, 99% of film was recorded as silent. In rare instances, 8mm and Super 8 film may contain magnetic audio lines and 16mm film may contain magnetic, but more commonly optical, sound lines. Of this small percentage of film reels that do have a sound line, an even a smaller percentage of these used the proper recording equipment required to capture both the sound and picture.

Because these instances are so rare, and to ensure we’re providing the highest quality transfers, it is not our standard process to digitize film with sound. However, if you’d like to speak with someone about this, feel free to contact our customer support team.

How will I get my film back?

Original Analog Quality, Captured and Preserved Digitally

MP4 Digital File
(most common type for digital files, works great on computers)

640 x 480 Dimensions
(captures full frame of analog reel)

1-2 GB Average File Size
(lots of data, great quality)

Fun Nerdy Tech Specs (for those who really want to know!)
MPEG-4 Video (mp4v) 480p, 17 FPS, SD, Progressive, VBR 2200-3000 kbps
DVD variable encoding M2v, compressed depending on length, authored to VOB

Will you keep my film in date order?

In order to provide quick turn-around and digitize your film at the best quality, we use multiple processes or methods during conversion. This means we are not able to guarantee that your film is processed in the order you send to us. The good news is that digital files on the cloud or thumb drive are very easy to organize simply by dragging and dropping. Further, your digital home movies work great with software such as iMovie, which has great organizational tools built in.

Can you enhance or repair my film?

We use the same process as the Academy of Motion Pictures to digitize your film. We even correct for frame rate so your footage is smooth and at the best quality possible. That said, the quality of your digitized home movies is based on the quality of the original footage you provide. This is why it’s so important to preserve your film right away, before they deteriorate any further. We provide complimentary splicing if your film is broken. Items like mold are not repaired at this time as they can be very difficult and potentially harm our equipment.

Convert Old Film Reels to Digital

Your family and friends would pay full admission price for the chance to see all your old film reels that have been rolling around all these years. No, Spielberg, not on that bed sheet you hung from the ceiling, and certainly not on one of those old projectors. Those days are long gone. Haven’t you heard? Projectors eat films for dinner, and melt them like s’mores for dessert.

You need to transfer your old films and film reels to a more practical realm by bringing them to the digital age right away. This isn’t a question of artistic choice. This is a matter of survival. Your film may be in the can, but that may well be its final resting place if you don’t get off of your can and do something to halt the fading and degrading that is going on. Pretty soon you will find your Pulp Fiction is just pulp. The good news is that old family films and homemade reels are more popular than ever, but it’s only because they are being safely shown, stored, and shared in digital formats online and in the home. Curious to know if your reels have sound on them? Find out, here.

You’ve probably spent more money on movie popcorn than it would cost to digitize your film stock, and we’ve got your bases covered. We can convert any film format you’ve got. Go ahead, try us. We digitize every consumer format of film created in our studios every day. That includes 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm. We’ve digitized film shot as far back as the 1930s and as recent as present day.

We offer professional digitizing, splice-repair, flicker removal, premium mastering, and we will deliver the final product to you on premium mastered thumb drives, digital delivery through Legacybox Cloud™ or DVDs. Frank Capra never had it so good. We utilize a frame-by-frame capture method, ensuring smooth playback of your home movie reels. Our capture method records every bit of data in every frame of film. An average order has 75,000 captured frames. No sweat. No heat at all, actually. Our film capture process uses filament-less lighting, meaning that it runs cool and is in no danger of burning through your celluloid. We’ve invested in the same equipment used by the Motion Picture Academy in Hollywood, so sit back in your director’s chair. We’ll keep in touch the whole time, and return all your reels when the process is finished.

Don’t be lazy, Scorsese. This is going to be easy. Cut, wrap, and print.