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Best VHS to DVD converter

By Dillon Wallace

Transferring your precious memories from film to disc


Remember CD mixes? It was always special when someone made you a mixed CD because it meant they put time and effort into burning the disc.


Well, converting your VHS tapes into DVDs is like taking a trip down memory conversion lane. With several DIY software options to choose from, the transfer task is doable, but it will take up some of your time – and money. That’s why at Legacybox, we’re here to take some of the hassle out of conversion.


But, if you’re deadest on doing your own converting, then check out the list below to know what you’re getting into.



One of the most popular conversion options on the market (and the fastest converter available), the Diamond Video Capture VC500, can convert a 40-minute VHS tape into a DVD in about eight minutes.


Impressive? Yes. But not so fast.


Think about that dusty box full of old tapes. That’s a lot of personal time to spend converting. Heck, ten 40-minute tapes would take you about an hour and a half. Even more time if your tapes are longer. And again, that 8-minute conversion time is the fastest on the market. Most other converters average out to 15-25 minutes per 40-minute tape, like the AVerMedia DVD EZMaker 7 that takes approx. 21 minutes.



While most converter software is affordable, ranging between $30 to $80, you do get what you pay for. Some of the cheaper conversion options take twice as long to convert, meaning that you’ve compromised on money for your time. And you know the saying – time is money. So if you go by that equation than you’ve really spent more money than you initally thought.



On the plus side, converting your own VHS tapes to DVDs does give you some cool options to play with – depending on what software you go with. For example, Diamond Video Capture lets you upload your video straight to the internet, play around with some special effects and transitions, and save your video in up to six different file formats, whichever works best for your purposes.


But if you’re a Mac user, sorry to say that you’re out of luck as it’s not compatible. And it can be finicky when it comes to working with Windows 10. Again, more hurdles to jump over when it comes to converting your own tapes.



If you’re a self-proclaimed DIYer, then converting your own VHS tapes to DVDs will probably be a fun little project for you. If you’re like the rest of us, you may want to leave it to the experts. Legacybox has free and safe shipping options for all your old tapes. Simply box them up in the package we send you, select the digitization option that works best for the amount of tapes you want converted and we’ll handle the rest.


Think of it as piece of mind for your most precious memories.

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