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DIY: Mini Jar Terrarium
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DIY: Mini Jar Terrarium

By Elaine Elliott

Don’t have a green thumb? Not enough space for plants? Can’t find ample light? There can be a lot of excuses for lacking greenery in your home.

But now with terrariums, it’s easier than ever to add nature to any space.
From desk décor to bathroom adornments, a mini jar terrarium can fit anywhere! Here are a few creative ideas for making your next terrarium.


Spice Jar Terrarium

Have a bunch of leftover glass spice jars you’re about to throw away? Have fun making this recyclable gift for your office, windowsill, or a creative Earth Day craft.


A spice jar might be small, but there is plenty of room for some vibrant green moss to thrive in the enclosed space. The cap makes it easy to enclose the ecosystem or maintain it if need be.




- Rinse the spice jar and soak any moss or dirt that might be dry.

- Add gravel, dried moss, soil, and then live green moss layer by layer in that order.

- Use a chopstick or skewer if you need to rearrange any of the layers.

- Mist the top moss layer lightly before securing the lid.

- Spray mist into the jar every 3-4 weeks if the terrarium starts to get too hot or dry.

- Full instructions


Mason Jar Terrarium

With a little finesse, you can make a Mason jar terrarium with the lid at the bottom rather than the top. With the lid on the bottom, the terrarium will look more appealing with a full glass reflection at all angles.


If you have a bunch of Mason jars in storage, this is the perfect opportunity to work on a plant project! Since the jar is sealed shut after planting, this also means you aren’t required to do any watering or maintenance. If you have a terrible green thumb, never fear, this is the perfect terrarium for you!




- Wash your Mason jar, avoid using soaps or cleaners unless you rinse afterward.

- Moisten the soil of the plant and remove it from its container

- It’s okay to break some of the roots away. This will stimulate growth in the plant or flower

- Place the plant and dirt mound on the base of the Mason jar lid. Don’t let the dirt overflow the lid since you have to seal the glass around the lid.

- Arrange any moss or decorations on top of the dirt mound.

- Carefully seal the lid to the glass without trying to disturb the plant and dirt. This can be tricky, but try your best to twist the lid into a locking position to keep the terrarium airtight and prevent spillage.

- If you ever see a lot of condensation, unseal the lid for a few hours and let the terrarium dry out.

- Full instructions


Lightbulb Terrarium

A lightbulb is another house item that once used is rejected. Until now! A terrarium is a great chance to reuse this common household item. Now you’ll be itching for one of your bulbs to go out.


What makes this terrarium so fun is how easy it is to hang from a ceiling for all to admire. Or you can tilt it to its side to showoff on a bookshelf or coffee table. This is also a creative idea for bohemian weddings if you want to hang floral arrangements or terrariums from tree branches or beams.



- Remove the filaments and wiring from a used lightbulb.

- Add gravel, moss, or an air plant into the bulb. Have the contents fall into the top of the glass.

- Place the contents carefully to make sure the glass doesn’t break.

- Seal the thread of the bulb back on and then hang string or wiring from the foot of the bulb for hanging.

- Full instructions

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