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Do the "Coolest" Places in the World Live Up to the Hype?

By Shelby Burr

Any wanderlust folks out there? Your heart just aches for adventure, a new stamp added to your passport and for the opportunity to experience something new – we get it! Traveling is good for the soul. You create memories that will last forever, you meet new people along the way, and you gain a new perspective on life in each location.


So, as you sit there and contemplate where your heart longs to go next, we created a list to help you decide! We’ve heard a lot about these cool places…some even deem them as (dare we say it) “the coolest.” That’s why we are here to either approve or debunk the myth on these travel destinations! Let’s begin…




This destination is a hidden gem. Many people love Ireland, but you don’t quite hear of this country being the next big place to visit...probably because they want to keep it a secret. From castles, amazing overlooks / cliffs and beer that practically flows through the locals viens - Ireland is the place to be! Additionally, this place is chock full of history. This is the perfect spot for some great food, great beer and a local history story or two. 


Ah...Norway. For any adventurers out there...this might be the perfect place for you. Hiking, skiing, fisherman cabins, waterfalls...even Polar Bears! Experience it all in Norway. Enjoy walking the coastal towns and eating a plate of fish and chips to warm your belly. Later, head out to the mountains to experience the northern lights dance across the sky. Norway, you have captured so many hearts and now we know why!



Careful pronouncing this one (make sure ears are covered). This amazing location is located in Thailand and boy does it not disappoint. Pure white sands, crystal clear waters, amazing cliffs and more can be found in Phuket. You want to hear the good news? It’s not that expensive to travel here! Phuket beckons those who want to try a rich, flavorful cuisine, an incredible culture and amazing sights. Plus...who doesn’t love to enjoy the warm sun on a beach! Just beware of the tourist traps and scams when you head into the towns and cities. 


Hong Kong

Any city folk out there? This next location is right up your alley! If you’re looking for something that is busy, quick and always alive, it’s time to visit Hong Kong! Hong Kong has the best view of skyscrapers, the best parks and some irresistible food. Have you ever had dimsum? Well, you’ll definitely want “sum” when you go. And for those that aren’t huge on city living, don’t worry. They have mountains and gorgeous hikes too. Just make sure you get dimsum. 



Yes, a state side location that you can travel to without bringing your passport! This is for those who love to camp and backpack. You’ll see some of the most incredible views, experience wildlife and completely absorb mother nature in her fullest. Beautiful waterfalls, great atmosphere and an experience that will create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Machu Picchu

Surrounded by majestic mountain peaks and at 2,430 meters above sea level, the great Inca Ruins in the sky are truly amazing. Peru is an amazing bucket list destination and the Machu Picchu mountains are definitely the main reason why. Enjoy this amazing destination and the beauty of the great Inca Ruins. 



Looking to relax on soft sandy beaches, soak up the warm sun and become one with the ocean? The Maldives are for you then! This is a great experience for those who are practically mermaids. From water sports to snorkeling on coral reefs, this place is perfect. Not to mention the amazing food and the incredible culture! You are in for a treat!

No matter where you go this year, you’re going to make memories that will not only last, but will be shared for years to come. Make sure you capture every moment! Your memories matter, and here at Legacybox, we want to make sure they last!

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