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Get Creative with Polaroids

By Katy Sommerfeld

Polaroids are back in style, and we are loving the trend. Seeing the classic, rectangular print photos with the nostalgic look strung up in bedrooms, hung at weddings, and used as decor at baby showers are just some of the cutest examples we’ve seen of modern Polaroid use these days. 

At Legacybox, we have a real appreciation for analog media, and just because we digitize Polaroids and other media formats doesn’t mean we don’t love to see original media displayed in unique and creative ways!

Here are just a few of our favorite creative ways to reuse old Polaroids (or display brand new ones!)

Baby Shower

Gather polaroids featuring you and your partner from when you were babies and make a collage or string them up as a banner for your baby shower. Your guests will love seeing the two of you as little ones, and its totally on theme for a baby shower. 


The photo guestbook is probably one of the most popular guestbook alternatives of the moment. Instead of having your guests sign a traditional pen and paper guestbook, have your guests snap Polaroids of themselves and tape them into a guestbook. This way, you’ll have loads of sweet and funny photos to look through after the wedding.

Framed Polaroids

Arrange multiple Polaroids in one frame to create a cool, minimalistic look for your home. The effect this framing method gives is so simplistic and is perfect for the modern house or apartment.  

Branch Out

String Polaroids from a tree branch vertically to add a bit of rusticism to your home! There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors, so why not bring them inside for a change?

Floating Shelves

Display polaroids on floating shelves in your home, side by side without frames. This is an easy and charming solution to displaying your Polaroids if you have lots of them lying around!

Would you use Polaroids in any of these ways? We definitely would!


But first, we highly recommend getting your Polaroids and all other analog media digitized with Legacybox! While you can display your Polaroids and other original media in your home and keep it preserved for a while, the truth is that nothing lasts forever. Media deteriorates over time, and the threats of water, fire, temperature, and light damage are always lurking. That’s why digitization is so great - it allows you to keep your favorite pieces of analog media backed up digitally while still being able to hang and display your favorite original pieces in your home or at parties. Plus, with digitization, accessing and sharing your most favorite recorded memories is as easy as one, two, three. Check out Legacybox for your digitization needs today!

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