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How to Title Your Discs

By Christian Roemer

At Legacybox, we like to think that the details are what set us apart. When you’re thinking about a service like digitization, it might seem like there’s not much of a difference between one company and another. The only thing that happens when you get your photos and videos digitized is that they’re run through a special machine and come out of the other side as computer files, right?. There can’t be much else to it, right?

Nope, there’s way more to it than that.
With special little touches, we give you an amazing experience from the minute you send your home media to us until the minute you get your package back in the mail. That’s why we send you a custom box for all of your memories to keep them safe while they’re in the mail. Peace of mind is the most valuable thing we can give you, and custom boxes start everything off on the right foot. Something else that we do is we can custom-label your DVDs for you.


That’s right, you can put your sharpies back in the overstuffed kitchen drawer. With a little bit of typing, you can label all of your DVDs for convenience every time you want to watch them. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: After you place your order, skip on over to our titling page

Step 2: Enter your order number and email address and click “Get Started”

Step 3: Click on the little pictures of tapes, photos, and film canisters, and start titling!

Step 4: Click Submit.

That’s it! Putting fancy, laser-etched titles on all of your DVDs is really easy! There are a few things you should keep in mind while you’re creating labels for your DVDs.

  • Each Disk has a 48 character limit, so don’t try to write novels on each one. Simple things like, “Johnnie’s 13th Birthday” are perfect.
  • All of your pictures will be combined on a single CD. That means you won’t be able to separate them into multiple CDs with separate titles. One title will cover all of your pics.
  • If you’re sending us film, we’ll combine all of it onto a single DVD, just like photos.
  • We need your titles to be submitted before your media makes it to our warehouse. That’s why we recommend titling your disks ASAP after submitting your order.

If you’re worried about going through a whole hullabaloo to add titles to your DVDs, don’t worry. It’s really easy, and it only takes a couple of minutes. If you have terrible handwriting like me, this feature is a life saver.

Adding laser etched titles to DVDs is just one of the neato extra features that you get through Legacybox. We don’t charge extra for the service, because it’s just that: a service. When you’re getting your memories digitized, you’re sending us some of your most personal possessions. Adding a touch of personalization to your DVDs for free is just one of the things we do to show you our thanks for trusting us with some of your most valuable possessions. 

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