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Legacybox - Beginners Guide

By Dillon Wallace

So you’re ready to bring your old analog media and all the memories they possess into the 21st century by having them digitized. But you’re still scratching your head on the details for a few of the steps.


No problem. Here’s your Legacybox 101 crash course for beginners.

What do you do prior to ordering?

At Legacybox, we try to make the digitization process as convenient for you as possible. And that starts with an easy pre-order checklist. Make sure you’ve selected the box option that’s right for you (depending on what/how many items your digitizing) and then organize your photos, videos, etc. as best you can. That means taking pictures out of frames and photo albums, grouping them in bundles of 25 and placing them in Ziploc bags. In case you’re unsure about whether we digitize certain prints and photos, you can refer to this article for more specifics.


Loading up your box

When your pre-paid, crush-proof box arrives in the mail, it’s time to load it up. But first, you’ll need to put barcode stickers on your various media for tracking purposes. This helps us ensure that all of your precious memories stay safe and accounted for throughout the digitization process, from initial receiving to final shipping back to you.


Keeping tabs on your memories

Typically, our digitization process takes around 6-8 weeks, because we know better than most that time is of the essence when it comes to your old memories. However, we understand that you may have questions/concerns as to where your media is in that fortnight of a window. That’s one reason why we have you put barcode stickers on your items, so you can get real-time updates on where your memories are throughout their digitization journey. Every time they enter a new portion of the digitization process, we scan them to give you a head’s up as to what’s happening and when. For example, in the rare case that something isn’t able to be digitized, we’ll let you know about it to keep you in the loop. After all, they are YOUR memories. You should know what/when/where and why something is happening. 


Getting your memories back

Once we’re finished digitizing your box full of personal history, we’ll send all your old media back to you along with shiny new digital copies, via DVD, thumb drive – even cloud downloads (depending on which method(s) you selected when you initially ordered your box). 


With your new digital copies in hand (or on the cloud), you’re free to do whatever you wish – their yours! Share them with friends and family, edit them, post them on social media or even host a throwback watch party. Whatever you do, do it knowing that your memories have been preserved for generations to enjoy!

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