Legacybox Reviews: Some of Our Favorites

Legacybox Reviews: Some of Our Favorites

Here at Legacybox, your memories and your experience matters. We love hearing your wonderful stories and how Legacybox was able to preserve your special and cherished moments. From seeing loved one's who may not be with us today, to reliving a fun moment with friends and family - your memories matter. Here are a few shared experiences that we have loved:


Legacybox, we have over 1,000 reviews for the work we do at Legacybox! So, don't hear it from us, instead checkout what our customers have to say.


"I could never thank Legacybox enough!!! I was hesitant at first to send the money and mail off the only proof of the people who have passed away in my family. Let me tell you!!! (I am not being paid to say this or been in contact). This service is LEGIT!!! and incredible. 30 year old VHS came back in dvd form and I watched just a few of what I sent... Amazing!!! Thank you Thank you over again!!! What a wonderful company!!!

- Jana


"I can say first had that I was so impressed with your service from beginning to end. I'm going to have more tapes for you to copy to DVD for me. The process was simple, thorough and I just can't say enough about how grateful I am that you treated my memories like they were your own."

- Carol


"The perfect solution for them to make sure those old memories made can be viewed digitally. Welcome ot the 21st Century folks." 

- USA Today


"The ultimate ace in the hole for parents and grandparents wanting to preserve family memories." 

- The Washington Post


"What a joy to receive my videos back today... The best surprise ever was when one of the tapes turned out to be of my mohter when she was a child... A film about 90 years old, and it looks as clear as if it had been taken yesterday!!! My grandfather died when I was about 2, so I don't have any memories of him at all, but there he was, walking around, carrying one of his children... Thank you so much for the gift of being able to see him move... All I had seen of him before were still pictures...Sure wish I could find some more old film reels!!!!"

- Marie


"This is truly spectacular. Legacybox is an amazing service... This is something that will be cherished and passed down. Give the Legacybox with a Kleenex for best results."

- The Huffington Post


Looking to start reliving your memories today? Legacybox is the all in one mailing kit to have your items digitized and preserved forever. Start reliving those memories today!

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