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Pet Photo Album Ideas That You’ll Love Fur-ever

By Shelby Burr

When you have a fur baby or a pet that is basically your child, you can’t help but want to represent them in the most loved way. We’ve all heard of scrapbooks and I’m sure we all have one baby scrapbook somewhere in our home or our parents.

But have you heard of a pet scrapbook or pet photo album?

That’s right, you have full freedom to create an amazing photo album of your pet and show it off in your home! Here are some ideas that will make your pet photo album the absolute best!


Make your photo album themed

One fun way to spruce up your photo album is to make it themed! Did you and your pet go on a recent adventure together? Did you take your sweet pet on a vacation and take lots of photos? You can make your photo album themed by following your photos! Did you go to the beach recently with your pup? Incorporate waves, quotes of the ocean, even your album book can be beached themed! Did you take your cat to Europe? Why not decorate your photo album pages with little cafe cups, fresh baguettes and stickers of Big Ben and the Eiffel tower? You can make your photo album as fun as you want it to be. Check out your local craft store, such as Hobby Lobby, for great stickers and decorations!

Write the story of each photo

We’ve all seen photos where each page is filled with colorful and amazing pictures of special moments in time. But sometimes, we might forget exactly what happened in those moments or the funny things that were said or done! One great way to keep the memories alive is to leave spaces around the photos for a handwritten comment! You’ll be able to capture not only the picture, but also the story. Some things to be sure to write: Who is in the photo, where are you, what is the date, what’s happening in the picture. As time goes on, you’ll be able to recall moments with very special people dear to your heart. 

Make your album digital

One fun way to make your pet photo album live on is make it digital! You can create a digital photo album on your social media account and have it live there for all to see! This is also a great way to share with friends and family through your social media account, such as Facebook. Friends and family can then save photos and print them at home or save them for their own personal use! Your sweet pet can be shared for all to see in your amazing digital album. 

Collab with your friends

This is a fun one! Reach out to your family or friends and ask them to provide photos of not only your pet (they might have some) but also of theirs! You can create a pet photo album of all the fur babies that mean the most to you! This will also be a fun little booklet to show who your dog or cats friends are! They have an inner circle too, yah know, and they are your friends or family’s pets. Have photos of your pet sitting next to their best pet friend, maybe a pet runion at the dog park, or even some of the other humans that love your pet. Make it fun! And when your guests see this pet scrapbook, they will love seeing all the people and animals that cherish your sweet baby. 

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