Sip and Paint Night with Friends
Sip and Paint Night with Friends
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Sip and Paint Night with Friends

By Shelby Burr

The weekend is coming up and you’re looking to do something fun with your friends.

We have the most perfect night idea for you and each person gets to leave with something they made themselves: Sip and Paint Night with friends!

This will get everyone engaged, creative and wine juices will be flowing, and we are sure you’ll create great memories along the way. Let’s help you prepare for the perfect sip and paint night!


Food and Drink

To get any kind of get together going, you need some yummy snacks and drinks for everyone! If you’re hosting, encourage everyone to bring a side dish or a bottle of wine to share! If your guests bring the wine, provide some snack foods that pair well! Some ideas are:

  • Hummus plate and veggies
  • Cheese
  • Crackers
  • Slices of meat
  • Fresh fruit
  • Grilled vegetables

If your friends bring the wine, you can also set it up where your guests can make their own “flight” of wine to taste! Purchase some small, clear, plastic cups and (depending on how many people come) each person could have up to 4 different wines to try! This will be so fun to share food with one another and be together in community.

Art Supplies

Now that everyone has their snacks, here is what they will need to start their amazing art work:

  • Canvases (you can purchase a pack of small canvases from your local craft store, or even at Walmart in their craft section)
  • Paper plates (this will be their pallet and they can place their paint on here)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paper Towel
  • Paint (If you’re doing a small group, use either Acrylic or Oil. If you’re doing a large group, stick with Acrylic. It will be less expensive and a little can go a long way!)
  • Water and water tubs (use old tupperware for your guests to clean their brushes off in)
  • Easels
    • You can either have guests use an Easel to hold up their work, or lay it flat on a table or flat surface
  • Throw away table cloth (this will help you with cleaning up!)
    • Optional: Paint tarp to go on the floor if you don’t want any paint to get on your carpet, rug, or wooden floors!

Set up little stations for each person. Each station will have a paper plate, a few brushes, a canvas and their water. 


Your station is set, your plate of food is full... it’s time to begin! Either have each person bring in a photo of inspiration or create a theme and provide one picture that everyone will try to paint together! Your theme could be everyone bring in their own photo of a bird, a flower, a landscape, still art, etc. Same for the theme! You can select one photo and print it off for each station. Then, show how each other’s art turned out at the end!

Another fun idea is, have everyone bring in their own inspiration photo or print. Compile everyone’s ideas and then have each person close their eyes and select. What they pick is what they must paint for the evening!


Have a fun playlist set up and ready for the night! Either have jazz music playing to set a certain kind of vibe, or create a playlist full of songs that both you and your friends know and love. 

Enjoy the night! You’re going to make great memories with your friends and I’m sure the night will be such a hit that you’ll want to do it again. Heck, you can even rotate houses and have another friend host the next sip and paint night with friends! Regardless, enjoy this fun night. 

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