10 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2018
10 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2018
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10 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2018

By Christian Roemer

If you want me to be completely honest, I don’t really know how travel Instagram accounts work. I mean, from the best that I can tell, there are people who are good looking that get to travel the globe and take sweet pictures. Their entire existence is finding some of the nicest places in the world and giving their followers a tour. I never saw an Instagram Influencer major while I was in college. UGA, get your curriculum straight!

Whether you’re looking for exotic landscapes or interesting viewpoints of places you might have already seen, we’ve found 10 must follow Instagram accounts that you should follow. Some are extreme athletes, some are pretty people, and some are just creative masterminds. Without further ado, here are the 10 accounts that you need to mash the follow button on ASAP.

Emily Polar

(@emilypolar) Emily snaps beautiful pictures of snow capped mountains and various towns and cities. Based in Nepal, most of her images feature the incredibly breathtaking landscape of the Himalayas.


Camille Fiducia

(@camabam) Cam is a rock climbing fitness model (I know, right), and she posts some really rad pictures. From climbing shots to landscapes, she tracks all of the amazing places she goes in compelling images.


Taylor Glenn

(@taylorglenn) Taylor snaps photos of wild animals, deserts, mountains, and everything in between. His photos possess a soulfulness and kinetic energy that makes you feel like you’re sitting right in the middle of them. Don’t get too close to the elephants, though!

Jimmy Chin

(@jimmy_chin) Jimmy Chin is a professional photographer, rock climber, and general adventurer. Right now, he’s on an expedition in Antarctica. If you want to see truly unique and rarely traveled destinations, Jimmy is your man.

Babak Tafreshi

(@babaktafreshi) - Most travel photographers look down at the landscape for their photos. Babak looks to the sky instead. His pictures capture the meeting place of the horizon and the endless skies of the many places that he travels.

Alex Honnold

(@alexhonnold) - I know that this list is heavy on the rock climbers, but the reason is because they usually go to many of the coolest places. Alex is known far and wide for his daring feats of mental acuity, and you can experience it all with him on his Instagram account.

Le Postcard

(@lepostcard) - Finally, someone who doesn’t just take pictures of mountains! Le Postcard specializes in turquoise waters and sandy beaches. If you’ve got a case of the ocean blues, Le Postcard will take you to paradise.

Dirk Dallas

(@fromwhereidrone) - From Where I Drone isn’t a nerd creeper with a quadracopter typing on his basement blog. Dirk takes really interesting aerial photos of all sorts of places. See the world from the perspective of a bird with his really great pictures.

Cereal Magazine

(@cerealmag) - For the more artsy types, Cereal Magazine specializes in the tranquil. All of their images are cool, calm, and exude an air of magnanimous minimalism. Cityscapes, landscapes, and interiors all reflect the same deft treatment.

Chad Copeland

(@chadcopeland) - Chad’s photos span from New York to the arctic. In his posts, you’ll run the gamut from dense city to desolate rural. All of his colors share a colorful and playful tone that can brighten even the saddest days.


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