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5 of Our Favorite Customer Reviews | Legacybox

By Shelby Burr

Whether your tapes hold hilarious moments of your childhood friends or special moments of your family members, each one is important. Your memories are cherished, but how sweet it is to relive those memories. Here at Legacybox, we value our customer's memories and love to hear about their experiences. Words matter, so what you say matters to us. Here are just a few of our favorite customer reviews and how they felt with their Legacybox experience:


  • "This service is awesome. I had over 20 tapes and 1,000 photos stashed in various places around the house. I figured, what the heck, sent them to Legacybox - two different packages - and got back my discs beautifully wrapped up. This was probably one of the easiest things I've ever done. They sent me a big box and easy to follow instructions. A few weeks later, I got my discs back and they were labeled. That was just the cherry on top. The best one was a very old film of my in-law's wedding and honeymoon. I had discs made for my 4 sisters-in-law. There wasn't a dry eye that Christmas. Thanks Legacybox. Will be using you again soon. I can't recommend Legacybox enough. -Rebecca F.
  • “I inherited many 8 mm films and wanted to know what was on them. I took advantage of your 50% off offer and gave you many films. I viewed the memory stick today and was overwhelmed by what was on the stick. Today I viewed the memory stick after calling and getting instructions on how to view it. I lost my husband of 47 years, one year ago tomorrow and viewing the memory stick was unbelievable.There were films of my husband before I met him, our wedding, his brother's wedding, our children, including our 45 year old son (before he turned one) trying to stand up in his porta crib at a family picnic. There were films of my grandparents, my dog, many of whom are gone. I wanted to let you know that your company has performed jobs that are PRICELESS. THANK YOU AND ALL YOUR EMPLOYEES FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.” -Jody
  • “I was excited and nervous packing up all our treasured memories and mailing them to Legacybox. Every time I called I always got great customer service and felt reassured. Within a few short weeks I was notified our movies were on the way home. All our originals were returned along with the DVD's. I am 100 percent thrilled with my experience. Thank you Legacybox. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to preserve their memories.”- Bonnie

  • “If you are looking at companies to have your precious home videos preserved onto a DVD or flash drive, I HIGHLY recommend Legacybox. They were able to preserve movies that were 60 + years old. I sent in 4 different kinds of videotape, and all were transferred to DVD without a hitch. From the time I sent the movies in, it took about 4 weeks to receive them back, but it was at Christmas time, so I expected a slight delay. You receive your old originals back, along with your new DVD's or Flash Drive. I have used this company twice and cannot be more happy!” -Jean S.

  • "What an easy way to update old technology to new. I was super impressed with the simplicity of the product. They provide everything you need. Just collect your items and send them off, postage paid, in the box they send to you. Emails alerted me to the progress of my order - they received the box; they're working on my order; my order is on its way back.They were able to turn 50 year old reel-to-reel audio tapes into CDs that sounded recently pressed. Now I'm listening to my father's senior piano recital from college - before I was even born. Wonderful! Can't beat the price. Can't beat the simplicity. Can't beat the quality. Because their product focus is so clearly defined, you get even more than you expected." -Valerie M.
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