9 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration
9 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration
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9 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration

By Christian Roemer
Are you suffering from a bout of wanderlust? Maybe you’re just a fan of traveling. Do you like living vicariously through others? Great! We have the perfect travel list for you. Nobody goes to travel agencies anymore, and Disney World is so 1950s. So, what do you do in the late 2010s to get advice on where to take your next excursion or just see really cool pictures of amazingly awesome places? Instagram, of course! Instagram is filled with great accounts of people who go awesome places and do amazing things. From lucky people whose entire lives involve going from cool place to cool place, to entire governmental agencies, we’ve created a list of 10 Instagram accounts that you have to follow to get inspiration for your next trip--or just see how some lucky people live.

9. National Park Service

(@nationalparkservice) What better account to follow for amazing landscapes than the folks that manage those landscapes? Bonus pictures of gophers, bears, and foxes accompany photos of the incredible vistas found from sea to shining sea.

national park services

@nationalparkservice | Grand Teton National Park | Olympic National Park | Catoctin Mountain Park |[/caption]

8. Christopher Davis

(@n0ms) Chris is road tripping from Mexico to Costa Rica to surf. Before that, he'll hit up the entire eastern seaboard from Georgia to Maine. Come for the awesome views, stay for the even more awesome artwork. 

Christopher Davis


7. Brooke Saward

(@worldwanderlust) Brooke travels all over the place and takes awesome photographs on the way. If you really want to see the world, you can start with her Instagram account. 

Brooke Saward

6. Chris Sharma

(@chris_sharma) Chris is one of the best climbers in the world. The great thing about rock climbers is that they usually travel to pretty awesome places to get their height fix. Chris is no exception. From Catalunya to China, Chris posts awesome pictures from some of the coolest rock formations in the world. Also, if you like ripped dudes without shirts on, this is the account for you. 

Chris Sharma

5. Lauren Bullen

(@gypsea_lust) If you’re a fan of the tropics, there might not be a better account to follow. Lauren goes from beaches to waterfalls to show you what real exotic locations are like. Just try not to get too jealous of her life. 

Lauren Bullen

4. Chris Burkard

(@chrisburkard) This professional photographer surfs, climbs, and generally crushes life anywhere he goes. His pictures rock too. Let Chris show you ice surfing, kayaking, beautiful landscapes, and more. 

Chris Burkard

3. Dave Brettuk

(@traveldaveuk) Ever watch An Idiot Abroad, where a crazy Brit travels the world and kind of makes a fool out of himself? Dave isn’t anything like that. He takes awesome pictures and goes even better places. See him tackle local food, complete daring hikes, and visit natives everywhere he goes.

Dave Brettuk

@traveldaveuk | Vaasa, Finland | Amsterdam | Tanjung Puting National Park|[/caption]

2. Sean Ensch

(@sean_ensch_images) Have you ever stood next to the ocean or gazed up at the stars and thought, “Man, I’m kind of small?” Every single one of Sean’s images make you feel that same sensation. He specializes in the magnanimous, snapping photos of some of the most breathtaking locations in the world

Sean Ensch

1. Nat Geo Travel

(@natgeotravel) Who knows about awesome places in the world more than National Geographic? Heck, geographic is in the name! Their account takes you from the North pole to the South pole to show you some of the most amazing things on the great planet Earth. Plus, I’m a sucker for penguins.

Nat Geo Travel

@natgeotravel | Havana, Cuba | Snoqualmie Pass, Washington | Tanzania |[ Now get out there and see some things!

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