5 Essentials You Need On Every Vacation
5 Essentials You Need On Every Vacation
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5 Essentials You Need On Every Vacation

By Christian Roemer
Going on vacation is the best. It’s the culmination of hope, excitement, happiness, and self-realization that makes long, hard workweeks worth it. Whether you’re going on a soul searching excursion to Nepal or a quick weekender to the beach, there are essentials that you should take with you every time. These 5 items won’t ensure that you’re 100% set for everything your vacation needs, but they are things that every vacation needs.


Whether your phone is your camera or you’re a DSLR-toting pro, a camera is must for any vacation. Getting out and experiencing the world is something you look forward to all year. Keeping a camera handy ensures that you’re able to document all of the cool things that you do. Also, how else will you brag to all of your frenemies about how much more awesome your vacations are compared to theirs if you don’t have tons of images to throw in their faces?


This one isn’t a super fun item to bring along, but it’s arguably the most important. A photo ID helps keep you safe. If you’re overseas, you should always have your passport handy, and if you’re traveling domestically, a driver’s license is good enough. A photo ID can keep you safe from folks that are trying to mis-identify you. It’s also necessary if you have to go to the authorities for help. Without a photo ID, those things become next to impossible.


Another un-sexy pick, sunscreen can make your vacation great, while a lack of it can ruin an otherwise awesome trip. Usually when you’re in a new place, you spend a bunch of time out in the sun. If you don’t have sunscreen, your skin will get burnt. When that happens, you can kiss your outside fun time goodbye. Not to mention melanoma is a very serious illness. Baz Luhrmann was 100% right. Wearing sunscreen is the #1 most important piece of life advice you can give someone.


Everyone knows we’re living in a digital world. People almost exclusively carry credit cards, and practically everywhere takes Visa and/or Mastercard. But not everywhere. Cash is the universal king, and if you find yourself in a pinch, it might be the only thing that can get you out. Even if you’re stranded in the backwoods of Timbuktu, folks still know what a dollar is worth. What they won’t necessarily have is a card reading machine. You don’t have to load down your entire suitcase with fat stacks, but keeping a few 20s handy could save your life.


This one isn’t technically something that you bring along, but you should always have someone who knows where you are. Setting out guidelines with a friend or family member will help in case tragedy strikes. Have you ever seen the movie 127 hours? That guy didn’t let anyone know he was canyoneering and he got his arm stuck under a boulder. I’m not saying that he wouldn’t have lost his arm if he let people know when to expect him back, but he probably wouldn’t have been stranded for 5 days until he was rescued. Remember, having the perfect vacation is just as much about who you have with you as what you have with you. Make sure you’re sharing your memories with people you love. That’s how you’ll always have the best, most fulfilling vacations possible.
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