Keep Your Brain Happy with These Five Positive Tips
Keep Your Brain Happy with These Five Positive Tips
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Keep Your Brain Happy with These Five Positive Tips

By Christian Roemer
Have you ever wondered what the key to happiness is? It’s easy. The key to happiness is always being happy. The Tao Te Ching says that knowing when to be content is eternal contentment. So, what does that mean for the everyday grind? It means that a positive outlook will help you navigate your life with a more sincere feeling of happiness and contentment. It all seems so obvious on the surface, but what can you do to actually turn this knowledge into action? That’s where we come in.


This one is super simple, and it takes hardly any time at all. Part of thinking positively is getting rid of the negativity. The easiest way to do that is by turning every negative into a positive. For example, “I can’t run a mile” turns into “I can’t run a mile right now, but if I work at it, I can.” Turn your frown upside down by adding a “but.”


That’s right, physical activity helps make you happier. Research shows that folks who move around are happier than folks who don’t. It doesn’t take rigorous exercise either. 30 minutes of brisk walking is enough to improve your overall state of mind. Physical activity will also improve your overall fitness which will also make you feel better. It’s the gift that keeps giving.


You can take advantage of the same thing that Silicone Valley CEOs, the Marines, and Buddhist monks in Tibet do. Meditation is about mindfulness – becoming aware of the here and now. Scientists have found that meditation can reduce stress, increase empathy, reduce pain, and actually re-wire your brain. If you’re looking for a nice place to start, this helpful YouTube video provides a quick primer on what a meditation session can look like.


That’s right – venture away from your computer screen and enjoy the great outdoors. Scientists have found that getting outside for just 20 minutes a day is enough to raise vitality levels and actually make people more energetic. Did you know that a lack of Vitamin D has actually been shown to correlate with depression, anxiety, and obesity? What does that have to do with going outside? Your body naturally produces vitamin D when it’s out in the sun. That means you can increase your vitamin D levels just by enjoying a nice walk around the park.


This one is pretty simple. Being nice to others makes you feel better about yourself. Doing just 6 nice things for others every week is enough to improve overall happiness and reduce social anxiety. The acts of kindness don’t have to be Mother Theresa-sized world shakers either – small things like opening a door for someone, donating to charity, or buying lunch for a friend can all improve your overall levels of self-satisfaction and happiness. So, there you have it. Five easy tips to improve your happiness. Most of these tips don’t cost a dime, and they only take a few minutes out of your busy schedule. Remember, happiness is all in your head, so go out there and find yours!
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