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Can You Record Over Your Old Cassette Tapes?

By Elaine Elliott

Do you have extra cassette tapes in your possession? Since cassette tapes have been making a slow resurgence in recent years, you might find your old tapes to be quite useful for new recordings. You can use the cassette tapes to record new music from your band or even discreetly store valuable personal records.


The sound quality of cassette tapes is also another reason to use this music medium. Cassette tapes give a “warm” sound to the audio and the quality can be really impressive if played on a good playback system.


So if you have a bunch of old cassette tapes in your possession, how can you record over these audio records? Luckily, recording over cassette tapes is pretty easy.


But first, make sure to digitize the audio files on your cassette tapes for safekeeping. Legacybox can digitize all your cassette tapes onto a CD or flash drive and return the cassette tapes unharmed - which means you can still record over the same tapes!


To record, release the anti-record tab on top of the cassette tape. If by chance the tab has been removed from the cassette tape, then you can cover the opening with a piece of paper or cellophane tape to keep the tab open during recording.


Once the anti-record tab is unlocked, you’re ready to go! Now you just have to use a cassette deck to add audio to your cassette tape.


You might be wondering, “If I record over my cassette tape will that affect the sound quality?”


Yes, you do run the risk of affecting the sound quality of the newly recorded track. Sometimes you can hear remnants of the previous track on the new record. But this isn’t very common if it’s the first time the cassette tape has been re-recorded.


If you want to eliminate the risk of background noise completely, then you can use a tape head demagnetizer or bulk tape eraser to remove the magnetic field on the cassette tape. With the former magnetic field gone, the quality on the fresh recording will sound brand new.


Now that you know how to record over old cassette tapes, let your imagination and audio creativity run wild!

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