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How Can I Transfer Cassette Tapes to My Computer?

By Dillon Wallace

Preserving Your Precious Mixes, Now & Forever


If you weren’t strutting around with your Walkman attached to your hip back in the late 80s, then you should expect a call from the decade asking for their trend back. That’s right, the era where cassette tapes were also blasting from portable boom boxes and time-traveling DeLoreans, is in search of a little tape preservation help.


It’s time to dust off that old box full of cassettes and give your old mixtapes a little modern day CPR. Digitizing your old library of audio recordings is the only surefire way to ensure they’re not forgotten. After all, the more time that passes, the more likely you’ll have a hard time tracking down a cassette player – or even worse – risk damaging your tapes.


But fret not, because there are ways to directly transfer cassette to computer. Just be warned that it’ll require certain software and hardware that you may or may not have, plus time and money … that you also may or may not have.



Audio digitization isn’t quite as easy as hitting record on your tape deck like back in the day. If you’re using a program like Audacity, you’re going to need more than just the software. In order to transfer tape content to your computer, you’ll need to round up a cassette tape deck (preferably with RCA output or a 3.5 mm mini-plug). And unless you’re a hipster or audiophile, you probably don’t just have a 30 (plus)-year-old piece of equipment laying around the house.


But that’s not all, after you secure a tape deck, you’re going to also need a stereo RCA cable with mini-jack connector or mini-male to male cable, and a sound card.



When it comes to the needed equipment for transferring cassettes to computer, it’s not so much the money that’s the issue. It boils down more so to actually finding and acquiring equipment that hasn’t been relevant for decades.


Purchasing a tape deck can cost anywhere from $30 – $150. But, if you want to go the easier transferring route and find one that has a built-in CD recorder, that’s going to eat up extra funds, about $200 – $350 worth.


Oh, and let’s not forget to mention how much time it would take you to record all your old tapes using the CD port. Yikes!


And speaking of time …



If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to recording from cassettes to PC, then then let technology be your friend. The AGPtek Tape to PC Super USB converter (and other similar cassette tape converter products) looks like an old Walkman, but records directly to your computer via USB. It’s only around $20 and can convert your tapes into MP3 files.


The only problem? You’ve got to record the tapes to your computer in real-time, as that’s how it captures the audio. So if you’ve got a trunk full of old cassettes, you’ve got several days worth of recording time ahead of you.


Make that two problems, the second one being that it’s not compatible with Macs. Sorry, Apple fanatics.


The Alternative (Thank Goodness)

Why waste time and effort searching for old, obsolete equipment to copy cassette tapes to computer? Not to mention the actual man hours of the conversion process?


Instead, contact Legacybox today! We’ll send you a postage-paid-for box to package all your tapes in and send back to us. All you have to do is pick which package option best suits your cassette conversion needs. We’ll handle the rest.


There’s an easier, more time-friendly way to preserve your favorite rock ballads and personal audio cassettes.


Preserve your legend with Legacybox!

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