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What to do BEFORE You Digitize

By Olivia Harlow

Looking to digitize your memories? Great! We are here to help preserve your cherished moments so you can relive them again and again. Before taking your old photos and seemingly ancient video recordings to Legacybox for digitization, there are a few steps you'll want to take:



Those repetitive photos of grandma blowing out candles at her 90th birthday party or Dad when he was a kid can be curated. Go through and select your favorite pictures for digitization and consider even recycling the older, faded photos that don't necessarily add value. 


Clean ALL Photos and Slides

Dust the photos and slides to make sure that you're forwarding us the residue-free, highest quality memorabilia.


Make Sure Your Tapes Aren't Blank

It might sound silly, but this is pretty common. Not only do some tapes get mixed up and you lose track of which ones are used versus those that aren't, but sometimes tapes can get messed up over time. To ensure your tapes aren't blank or damaged, you'll want to double check them before sending them our way. It will save all of us time in the long run!


Double Check the Sound on Older Films

Especially the 8mm and Super8 film! They typically do not have audio. This is also something fairly common, so make sure you check to see if your film has sound! 


Package Everything Safely

With Legacybox, your items will be shipped safe and sound with our Legacybox Kit. However, for better peace of mind, we recommend bubble wrap or some sort of protection, just in case. That way, your items are EXTRA secure and you can relax as we take care of your precious memories.


Title Your Items

Name your tracks, so that we can keep things straight for you! When you get your photos and tapes back, you'll have titles that tell you exactly what you have in front of you. Easy and simple!


Once you've got everything set, feel free to send your precious memories our way, and we'll make sure those special moments don't ever go forgotten. 

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