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How Long Would It Take to Transfer Your Photos to Digital, Yourself?

By Dillon Wallace

Never has capturing a moment been so easy and intuitive as it is today. With camera-centric smart devices and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat, we not only have the opportunity to share our photos and videos, we have the ability to let others peek into our lives on a daily basis.


It’s a new way to share our “live” photo albums with friends, family and followers all over. But what about all the photos you have tucked away in binders, collecting dust in the attic – all those memories made before smart camera phones and social media?


Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is they can be transferred from your dusty old shelf into remastered digital collections. The bad news is that it can be a time intensive process that most people don’t have the resources for. But if you’re willing, you can try one of these:


Snap ’em

The easiest way to digitize your old polaroids or disposal film photos is to just take a picture of them with your smartphone. A simple snap and they’re digital, ready to be stored, edited, shared – whatever. But let’s be honest, a picture of a picture is like making a copy of a copy … it just never comes out great. So while this picture inception method is easy and fairly quick, the results aren’t going to be what you’re looking for – not to mention the amount of cropping you might have to do.


Scan ‘em

Scanning your old photos is also very doable but there’s a couple of things you have to keep in mind. First, you’re going to need to buy a scanner. That alone will cost you $100-150 for an affordable option. Second, plan on the process of scanning all your old photos (one at a time, mind you) to take a hot minute – and by hot minute, we mean hours – maybe weekends. But, if you’re willing to trade your precious time and money, then by all means scan away.


App ‘em

Of course there’s an app for digitally preserving your old photos – there’s an app for everything. And while scanner apps like Heirloom and Pic Scanner allow you the convenience of using your smartphone to breathe new life into your old photos, the responsibility of color correcting, cropping and everything in between still falls on you.


Send ‘em

Let’s face it, we live in a world where time is money and patience is hard to come by. Why take on the burden of digitizing your photos yourself, when you can have a professional do it all for you? Legacybox can do all the heavy lifting – everything from your negatives and slides to regular prints, videotapes, and more.


It’s fast, easy and best of all – not your worry. Just fill a Legacybox with all your photos, film and more, and send it in. Your old photos go in, your new digital memories come out via thumb drive, digital delivery through digital download or DVD.


So before you start the tedious task of snapping, scanning or apping your old photos into digital memories, think about sending them to Legacybox, first. Your photos and your patience will thank you.

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