Can You Still Buy a New VCR?
Can You Still Buy a New VCR?
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Can You Still Buy a New VCR?

By Shelby Burr

Did you stumble upon your home movies and have the sudden urge to watch them? I mean, these might be home movies you haven’t watched in a couple of years and there is some golden content on those things!

So, for VHS tapes...what do you do to watch them? Can you still buy a new VCR?

The VCR allowed us to enjoy all our favorite movies and family memories, but it’s not as popular now as it once was. Finding a new VCR player may be a little more of a struggle than you might assume. As far as finding a VCR player goes, here are your three best options.


Buy Used

If you visit your local charity store, you’ll likely find some VCR tape players there! Lots of people have been chucking their VCR’s since technology has changed so quickly. Beware when you purchase second hand though. Most of the time, people donate their VCR players due to lack of use. Since technology has taken off and we’ve become more advanced with our entertainment, the VCR has been moved to the back burner. Even though it may not be used as frequently anymore, there is also a chance that the VCR player was donated because it no longer works. 

Over time, VCR players can grow weary. The a VCR tape feed the film into the machine can grow slow, it can freeze, and there is a possibility that a used VCR player can ruin your tape completely. When purchasing second hand, it may also require you to update/fix the VCR yourself. Unless you’re a professional VCR technician, this DIY project of fixing a VCR may be more trouble than you think. It will be difficult to find parts, let alone the price may be higher than you anticipate. So, if you decide to try a used VCR tape player, just proceed with caution! We want your memories to be saved so you can watch them again and again. 

Buy New

If you’re unsure about buying used, there is still a chance to buy new. It will be a treasure hunt for sure, but some places are still selling VCR tape players online! Some of the prices vary from $60-$1,999. That’s right, some VCR players are being sold for thousands of dollars because the supply is limited. The price all depends on the brand, the model, and functionality. VCR tape players aren’t being made anymore, so supply is limited and demand is up. Your family memories are priceless, so we understand that you will do anything to save them and watch them again. But there is a more affordable way...

Digitize Your Memories

Legacybox is a great way to preserve your memories so you can watch them again and hassle, no crazy expenses, and super easy. All you have to do is fill your memories inside your Legacybox and send them off to be digitized. Legacybox will take everything under control. With our professional digitizing technicians, your memories will be digitized by hand and placed on DVD, Thumb Drive, or digital download. Once everything is digitized, we will ship off your new digital copies AND your original memories right back to you. See? Easy, quick, no hassle. 

Now you can relive your special memories again and again! You can also share your digital copies with your family and friends through social media, youtube, send over a video file via email, or even burn some additional DVD copies. You won’t have to put “VCR player” on your list...instead, you’ll be watching your family videos with a smile knowing that they are safe for years to come.

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