Can You Still Print Photos From Negatives?
Can You Still Print Photos From Negatives?
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Can You Still Print Photos From Negatives?

By Shelby Burr

Do you still fawn over your printed family photos? We don’t blame you! Especially the old family photos from the 70s, or the family reunion shot from 1988. Man, those were the days! Photos are a few of the things in this world to bring us back to our past. It can help us recall a memory, recognize a familiar and missed face, and it brings joy to reflect on what once was. 

All that to say, we now live in an era that is all digital. It’s not very common to find someone who is taking photos through negatives. Negatives are a classic format for photography and are still used by artists and enthusiasts around the world; it’s just not in most common households to take photos. That said, can you still print photos from negatives?

The answer is yes. You can still print photos from negatives. This is great news! And, as a reminder, we are in the digital era now so there is a way to have your negatives on your phone, computer, send as a thumb drive to family, download to your cloud files and more! Although negatives aren’t as popular, the process of getting your memories digitized is.

Let’s walk through what getting your negatives printed / digitized looks like.


There is an option where you can do this yourself. Yes, you. Your hands can take your delicate negatives and try to print / digitze them personally. There are film / negative converters that can print out an image for you instantly! A film converter is small, mobile, and easy to use. However, you have to be super careful with your memories! If they are older negatives, their could be dust, scratches, mold, sun exposure and more that can cause your negatives to be even more fragile than they already are. You want to examine your memories thoroughly, clean them and make sure there is no way you could potentially ruin your memories when trying to conver. Be careful!

Trusted Companies

There are loads of places out there that will digitize your memories, but we have to be a little biased and share why Legacybox should be your go to best friend when it comes to handling your precious memories. 

It’s so easy

With Legacybox, you can order your box to come straight to your home. Label your memories with specific labels and fill your legacybox. Once shipped, Legacybox team will take care of your memories from there!

It’s safe

Once your memories arrive, and in this case your negatives, Legacybox team members will handle your items carefully! They will check your memories to ensure there is no potential damage. If there is, they will not run them through to be digitized (we care about your content). For those that are in great condition, we have a whiteglove team that will take care of your content, digitize them with ease and package your memories back up in your legacybox carefully. 

It’s quick

Legacybox will then ship your memories back to you safely. Typically, an order takes about 2 weeks. You could pick up a new book to read, go on a quick vacation, start a new exercise routine, or rearrange your entire house…and then boom! Your legacybox is returned to your home safely and soundly…ready to watch and share.

Give us a try! Your negatives and photos will never look better in a digital light. You’ll be able to share your negatives quickly, easily, and relive them again and again. 

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