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Decorate With Your Old Media

By Shelby Burr

We love a fun DIY that involves interior design AND puts our old memories to good use. Now that you’ve had your memories digitized and protected for years to come with Legacybox, it’s time to use them for fun decoration! We put together four great DIY projects!

Record Player Wall

Have multitudes of records? This is a great way to show them off AND keep them safe over time. All you need is a hammer and some nails. You can either hang your records all in a row next to one another, or hang both the record and the album. People will love seeing your display of music and collection of classics. 

Cassette Tape Organization

One fun way to spruce up your organization in your home is to use your cassette tapes! This is a fun and easy way to make little cassette tape boxes that can hold pens, pencils, kitchen utensils, you name it! All you need are four cassette tapes and hot glue. Add some hot glue to the long side of the cassette tape and attach another cassette tape. Continue until you have made a small box with four cassette tapes! And done! Everyone will love this fun DIY organization trick using your cassettes! This also makes for a great gift!

Cassette tape coffee table

This is a great DIY if you have an old coffee table and oodles of cassette tapes or cassette tape covers. All you’ll need is some hot glue, an old coffee table, and (optional) glass top. Simply count out your cassette tapes to ensure you have enough to cover the entirety of your coffee table. Plug in your hot glue gun and begin applying tape onto one side of your cassette tape. Then, carefully adhere it to the coffee table top. Once the coffee table is covered, you can either leave it as is, or apply a glass top to the table to ensure you protect your memories!

VHS tape player wall art

Last but not least, the beloved VHS tape. If you have some fun VHS tape covers...then this DIY is for you. This a fun way to create an accent wall in any room in your home! This is also perfect if you have a bonus room or home theatre. All you ended are those VHS covers, an exacto knife, some nails and a hammer. Take the VHS cover and carefully cut off the sides and back of the vhs tape cover...all you want is the front of the case. Next, organize your VHS tape covers in the way you would like them arranged on the wall. Begin nailing them in a row and columns across the wall evenly. And done! It’s so fun, edgy and everyone will love seeing your favorite movies on display.

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